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babygirl12135 - June 5

if i had s_x during my period and my boyfriend c_mmed in me can i still get pregnant.. and if so how long would i have to wait to take a test a whole month which would be till my next period?


Aussiegal - June 5

you would be best to wait and see if you miss your next period!


babygirl12135 - June 6

but it it possible to get pregnant when you have ur period since ur not ovulating?


Rhonda - June 6

You can only get pregnant during ovulation.Some claim to get pregnant while they are on there period,so i guess it is possible,but not for certain.


babygirl12135 - June 6

if i am i have to wait a whole month to test right since it was during my period?


babygirl12135 - June 6

and right now i have really bad cramps could that be a symptom.... maybe it would be good to give the facts um.. i had s_x on the second to last day of my period which was 5/28/06 so its been 9 days.. is that to earl to get symptoms?


LadyD - June 6

Some say they get symptoms a few days after Ov, others don't get them til later, or none at all. Every women is different, so there isn't anyone that can answer that for you. You know your body. So you had s_x on CD4, personally I think it's kind of early to have symptoms on CD9. I'm no dr. though!


Grandpa Viv - June 6

The chances of getting pregnant in the week on which your period begins are low. I know one woman who got pregnant on the last day of her period. Supposedly there is at least one doc_mented case (from 1914) of a woman getting pregnant on the first day of her period. Sperm can last 5 days (maybe even 7) in your system, and ovulation can come two (or even three) days early. In your case I would not worry about it - that alone might delay your next period. From here on ask to see the condom as soon as he starts getting fresh. Maybe you should get yourself some v____al spermicide to double up on protection. Good luck!



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