Can Someone Help Me Please Im NEW

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Sophiaab87 - May 15

Hello Everying Im Sophie.. Im new to this website and i need help.... Ok here is my problem... I have irregular cycle.. the longest my cycle has eva been was 67 days. My last period was March 8th... Ive been having unprotected s_x since the last week of feb. So I calculated it and it isays i ovulated on the 30th. i had s_x 2 days before I ovulated and the day i ovulated. Recently Ive been constipated, sleeping alot, drinking and urinating alot, cramping, and breaking out on my stomach. That is the only symptoms ive had. The day i started spotting which was thursday my belly button was hurting alot like someone was poke it and it hurt down to where my uterus is. Now today i was suppose to get my period and it still didnt come Im still spotting.. When i usually get my period it just comes down. I never spotted for so long. I was wondering if this was my period acting up or implantation bleeding or something else?... I heard u get implantation bleeding from 6-12 days or about the day your period comes.... I know i should get a blood test or urine test but i wanted to kno if this has happened to anyone? And what is ur opinion on this? Also, Is douching in early early pregnancy ( 4 weeks) safe? Just to clean the va___al area real good from implantation bleeding and stuff??? I hear it wasnt good.. After reading but i wanted to kno it would effect the baby or cause i miscarriage. I only douched once because i couldnt stand the spotting... Sorry im trying to fit in all the question I have all @ once... CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!! i need alot of opinions please!


kimberly - May 15

Hi I have irregular cycles also, so I know how confusiing it can be. I get the sore b___bs and all PMS symptoms all month sometimes, which can be a sign of pregnancy too, it is fustrating to me. If your cycles are irregular you probably have some kind of hormonal problem too, this can make you feel pregnant when you are not. But, it can also make you mistake being pregnat because you are so use to not having periods and feeling moody anyway. I don't know if the spotting has anything to do with this or not but, I didn't have a period for 6 months and I funally had one, it lasted for a month and a half. Spotting sometimes and sometimes bleeding. The Dr. said it was because I hadn't had a period in so long that it was just a really long period. It finally quit so I guess that is what it was. Have you taken a pregnancy test? If not you should do that now!


UnLuckyLady1903 - May 15

yep another 1 with irregular cycles too so ovulating can happen at any time no period and on cd 41 which is late for me


kimberly - May 15

Sorry, but you should not douche when pregnant!!


soimpatient - May 15

Have you taken a pregnancy test? That is the only way that you can know for sure. From my experience those ovulation calculators are not accurate when you have an irregular cycle. If your cycles are consistently "irregular" then you might not be ovulating at all. If you are TTC I would discuss this with your doctor. As for douching...I don't think it is recommended whether you are pregnant or not.


linds99 - May 15

Ya, I agree with Soimpatient, you really need to talk to your doctor about your cycle that long. You might have Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrom or another hormone imbalance causing this. Also, douching is bad, it wrecks your normal v____a flora and if you have an infection, it could promote the infection to spread to your upper reproductive tract (tubes). Don't do this. The v____a is wonderful with cleaning itself out with time through normal cervial mucous secretions throughout the month. Drink a lot of water, and it promotes the cleaning process by the v____a even more.


Grandpa Viv - May 15

A lot of unprotected s_x for 10 weeks plus fatigue, peeing, weird cramping, acne changes, upset gut and unusual spotting is about as good an indication as you are going to get. Take a home pee test two weeks after these signs began, and good luck!



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