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erika - March 2

well last month ( jan) i started on the its feb n i started on the 25th but only when i wiped i saw brownish so i put a pad on thinking it was gonna be a light period & saturday i started bleeding but not that much..then sunday came around i wasnt bleeding anymore all i was getting is more brownish discharge..n now when i wipe itss very light brownish color not ass much anymore & i usally last 7 dayz on my period..& this month is way different its like 1 1/2 day of light bleeding & the other dayz a brownish color..can i be pregnant?sumone plz help n tell me what you think..should i wait to take a test or should i take one now?


Belle - March 2

From the 15th of Jan (your last period) to your next period on 25 Feb is about 40 days, how long are your cycles? should you perhaps have started around the 13th of Feb? now it does'nt seem to actually be a period, but implantation bleeding usually happens before or at the same time as your period was suppose to start, but there have been different cases from what I have read on this site. I hope for your part you are pregnant and good luck!


Audrey - March 2

Erika- Sometimes you can get a brownish discharge if the egg that was released that cycle was not viable or if no egg was released at all. If you're trying to get pregnant, good luck!


Kerri - March 2

Hi, I'm going through the same thing you are as I'm due for af on Saturday Mar 5 and had a small red spot so I put a pad on too and nothing at all on Monday and then light brown discharge Tuesday and today on Wednesday. I had my Mom bring a urine test in to the doctors to see what's up as most should be sensitive to get a result like Answer as it says you can test up to 4 days before your period (not sure what the doctor's use) as I'm normally 24 reg. So I'm in the same boat as you and will let you know of the result but you can try an Answer pregnancy test to see or go to your doctor. Baby dust to you and will let you know by the end of the day as the doctor's office said they would call when they did the test!


erika - March 11

omg im so confused about this "implantation bleeding" cuz like i said up above..i had my period n january..n then feb came along & i got the spotting the brown discharge for 3 dayz..was that my period or was it implantion bleeding? did i miss my so confused..plz help!! should i take a test or wait........anyone out there that can help me~


erika - March 15

omgggg thanks for ur help ;*( no one is not even writing back.


Trisha - March 15

well I would say it was implantation bleeding , I think i would test again at home and if its neg...go get a blood baby dust


erika - March 15

thanks i think im gonna wait & if i dont start this month then i will take a test..god i hope this is something plz pray for me..send me all the baby dust i will need!



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