Can Someone Please Read And See If You Can Help

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Cat47 - November 1

I had s_x with my boyfriend six days ago and since then I haven't felt well. I really didn't suspect I could be pregnant until my sister asked me if I was pregnant! I have been sleeping a lot....12 or 13 hours a couple of days this week, I have felt some waves of nausea, and having slight headaches, along with some discharge. I thought that I may have had strep throat because my glands felt swollen or even mono, but I went to the doctor and both came up negative...... could it be possible that I could be having early signs? I haven't been keeping track of my period, but I am pretty sure I had it the second week in October, so could that have been the time to get pregnant? I am not good at calculating....can someone please help? Thanks!


Grandpa Viv - November 1

Pregnancy signs do not normally begin until a week after s_x. Did you also have s_x Oct 19? That would have caught ovulation if your period began Oct 5, and signs starting Oct 26 would fit the pattern. Buy a couple of Dollar Store home preg tests and run one Sunday first am pee and another a week later. Good luck!


lastchance - November 2

I am worried about pregnancy too... I really was wondering IF that was even possible, but I started to worry over it even more because 3 PEOPLE HAVE ASKED ME! Ugg... not due for my period for another week... it would be hard to believe... but I guess possible... same symptoms here... guess we will find out in the next week or two huh?


Cat47 - November 2

Thanks Last Chance...I two have had more people ask if I am pregnant after sharing my symptoms..... Ugg is right! I should get my period in another week if I think back hard enough!!! It's times like these that I wish the hell I would keep track better!!!! I have also had waves of nausea more often lately too.... I guess time will tell, but MAN talk about STRESSING!



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