Can Someone Please Tell Me If This Is Possible

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stephanie96 - June 15

I was due to start my period 3 days ago (im usually very regular) and i started right on time. The first day is usually very heavy and then it gets lighter each day from there. Well, on the first day this month it was about the heaviness of my usual 3rd day. yesterday was very light...and today is practically non-existent. this is very strange to me because my periods usually are steady for about 5 days - this one is basically gone on the third day. i've been feeling nauseas after i eat and have been kind of light headed the last couple of days. i also had cramping like normal leading up to my period but that is now gone too. is it possible to be pregnant but still get a period like this? i'm new to all of this and i would really appreciate any advice!!


Pearlflower - June 15

Hey Stephanie... I have kind of the same thing going on. I am probably reading way too much into it, but my husband and I have been trying for nearly a year and I am really hoping that now is the time. My sister-in-law and her husband just announced that they're 8 weeks along and I think it would be fun to go through it together. My af showed up on the 31st really heavy for about 6 hours (very unusual!) and then just stopped and I have 2 more days of extremely light spotting. I am due for af to come again on the 28th, but I am kind of wondering if my last period was a real one. Of course I hope not, but I still tried this month. I have had 2 C-sections and I have read that it makes it harder to get pregnant with each one. I got pregnant the first try with the my first two children. Have you tested yet? I told my husband that if he has time after work tonight he should pick up a test but I don't want to take it until I actually miss a period. If you find any information on the 1 day period thing tell me. Good Luck... Are you trying for your first?


Pearlflower - June 15

My cycle is 28 days and usually 1 day of light, 2 of heavy, then a day of spotting.


Lin - June 15

Sounds like a period to me. I quit the pill last October, and most of my periods have been less than two days ever since and some less than one. They used to be 5 days long.


stephanie96 - June 16

Pearlflower - Its really nice to know someone else is going through the same thing! i'm really impatient about things like this...waiting is the worst. that would be so much fun to have go through all of this with your sister!! yep, this would be my first. i havent actually been trying...but if it were to happen my bf and i would be thrilled. i've never had a period this short so it just seems really odd. something has got to be different. good luck to you and keep me updated on what you find out!! : )


stephanie96 - June 16

oh yeah...i forgot to ask you if you've been having any sypmtoms? i havent had a lot...but it might be too early?


Pearlflower - June 16

Not anything that really makes me think I am pregnant...I have been tracking my cervical positioning and it hasn't really changed at all. My lower back hurts, but that could be from lifting my son wrong I guess. My face isn't looking so great. I've broken out just a little, but once a month I do that anyway. I haven't eaten hardly anything because nothing looks good, but it could be because of the heat around here! I guess there really isn't much hope here... What about you? What are your symptoms (if any)?


stephanie96 - June 16

i've been feeling nauseous off and on for the last few days...especially at night and have been feeling light headed a lot. i dont know if those are symptoms that you get this early...or if feeling light headed is even a symptom, but its weird for me to be like this. maybe i just have a brain tumor or something...ha. time will tell i guess. still no sign of af returning...did you take your test?? let me know what happened!


angela1986 - June 16

Wow....its so weird to hear other people say that their feeling the same thing...only diff with me is af came 2 days periods are typically 5-6 days long,but last month 2 days and it was gone. Werid i know,but now that af came im not sure if its still a possiblity....although ive had nausa for the past two weeks...and no desire to eat food,ummm a couple weeks ago me and my bf ttried having intercourse but it was too painful,and last night i thought i was going to throw up so we stopped again,not really sure if these could be symptoms...anyone else have any of this going on?


Grandpa Viv - June 16

An unusual period, dizzy, light nausea, acne acting weird are good starting signs. Most complain of unusual fatigue. Other signs include overly emotional, peeing, lotion discharge, ga__sy and bloating and heartburn, runny or stuffy nose, saliva, appet_te, smells, tastes, sensitive nipples or other unusual b___b signs. Good luck to you both.



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