Can Someone Tell Me How To Get Pregnant Please

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jasy - October 29

when i was younger i had two abortions, one when i was 13 and one when i was 16. my parents forced me to get the first one but the second one was my choice. any way, now i want to have a baby. i have only been trying for about three months now and i wanted to know how long should i try before i seek professional help or any other methods. i don't think there is anything wrong with the male because i have used five different men in the three months and all have failed. i think something is wrong with me but i don't know if i should start worrying yet becuase i hear that worry allows you not to get pregnant when you really want it. can anyone help me by giving me some tips of what may have worked for them. Thanks!


Lisa - October 29

Please do not try to get pregnant by just anyone, it should be by someone who you love and loves you back (preferably your husband). My gyno told me that if you ttc for a year and have no luck then that is when she will be concerned. Plus I am not knowledgable on abortions but I have heard that the more you have the harder it is to have a baby. How old are you?


OMG - October 29

Try birth control. It will make your life much less complicated. This is a baby for god's sakes! You are going to bring a child into the world and NOT know who the father is??? How is that going to affect the child? Stop thinking about yourself and think about what is best for the child...a STABLE home life. Shame on you!


jasy - October 29

well, the reason i want to get pregnant by just anyone is because i feel like i don't need a father right now. i don't want some looser to father my child and i haven't found the right man yet and since i need to be pregnant right now then any guy will do.


Concerned - October 29

Why do you feel like you "need" to be pregnant? How old are you? All I can say is that it is very difficult to parent with a partner, I don't want to think about how hard it is alone. I know people do it all the time...but is this something you are really ready for? I'm sure you have a lot to offer a baby, but that child deserves everything you can possibly give him/her and a strong and loving and present father would be a wonderful gift. I agree, a loser as a father would not be something you would want. So why not take care of yourself, wait until "Mr. Right" comes along and have a loving family unit to take care of your little gift some day in the future. It will happen...even if you don't believe me right now. All the best to you.


hm.. - October 29

I think you should wait a matter how old you are...doesnt sound like you are stable enough to have a child. I hope you someday find mr. right and settle down and have a wonderful family....but it doesnt like sound right now is the time....


get help - October 29

I think that you are trying to get pregnant to sort some kind of problem in your life. the fact that you have had 2 abortions shows that you cannot look after yourself. what about STD??? all these men you have been with? having a child will not sort out any issues you might have, why do you NEED to be pregnant, how old are you, get a grip girl


Mother of 6 - October 29

Jasy, a baby isn't a toy or someone there to just love you. It is you and the father that give the child unconditional love and emotional security as well as the time and attention for them to grow. I am not judging you, but you should really think about why it is you think you need to be pregnant. You say that you don't need some loser father in your life and that may be true. You can make that choice for yourself, but it is competely unfair to the child that you make that decision for him/her and their father. Not to mention the father has rights too. I am divorced and have remarried. My older 3 children's father chooses not to be in their lives. I can tell you without hesitation (even though I do not like him at all) that my children need him in their lives! They are devistated and even though they have a step-father, it doesn't take the pain that THEY feel away from their hearts. It breaks my heart to see them hurt. I would do anything as their mother to help them not to feel that pain. Including giving up child support to get their father to move closer to be with them. Being a parent is giving of your love to your child unconditionally...maybe deep down inside you know this and this is why you haven't had a baby yet. I have done the single parent thing, it is not easy, but can be done. My question to you is why would you want to? If you had a bad childhood, why whouldn't you want your child to have the best of one? Yes, a single woman can raise a child, but the child still suffers from not having the father around. Not every man is abusive or a fool. There are good ones out there. On the other side, you have slept with 5 men in the past few months. You are endangering yourself to STD's, some of which can make you infertile, if not kill you. Clymidea is a silent disease and is the #1 STD reason for infertility. You really should talk to a professional about what is really going on with you.


jasy - October 29

i am 18 yo. i can be both a mother and a father to my baby. my baby will have everything it needs and i have friends and family that can help me. I need to have a baby right now because I want to be a lawyer in the future. As a result, I won't have time to take off and be a mother then so I won't be their for my baby when it needs me the most. If I have a baby now, by the time i become a lawyer my child will be like over seven so he or she won't need his mother as much as he does when he is a baby. as far as stds go, i am not worried. if i get one then the doctors can cure it so it won't affect the baby even if it affects me. if i get hiv then i won't be happy about it but i will force myself to live with the fact. with the new medications people are living like 20+ years with hiv especially if they get treatment when they first catch the disease. i will be a great mother so please can someone give me some techniques. i think i'm going to go out tonight and find a guy.


ewww - October 29

std's are out there too


OMG - October 29

Your child needs you ALL the time. Do you really think that when they are seven they won't need you that much anymore? Wrong, at seven they will be old enough to resent you for working all the time. By the way, how do you figure you're going to be able to go through school and law school when you have a kid to take care of? Law school is a lot of work, I know because my brother in law is a lawyer. How are you going to study when your kid is SCREAMING and is up all night? You have to be smart to be a lawyer, and judging from what you have written on this post, you're not making very good decisions. I certainly wouldn't pick a lawyer who went out on purpose and slept with as many men as she could find just to get pregnant and give the child a life without a father. Not to mention that you don't care if you get STD's or HIV. By the way, some STD's and HIV DO affect the baby. Get your facts straight. For example, if you get Herpes, you have it for LIFE. It is a virus that NEVER goes away. Your baby could be born with big herpes sores all over it. There is no cure. I am also curious about how you are going to pay for college and law school if you are taking care of a child? Did you think about that one? Millions of women have children and a career without problems, so why do you think you have to have a kid first?


me - October 29

if you do it with the woman on top, you're supposed to get pregnant faster.


me again - October 29

u should try to jump up adn down after s_x to get the sperms really active then they swim faster


me once again - October 29

sorry i forgot you should use a lubricant like ky jelly to make it really slippry so the sperms have easire chance to make it good luck


jasy - October 29

i plan on being very successful. i want to be the next female johnny cochran. how can i do this is i have to miss work becuase i am out for the baby. that's what i mean when i say a baby needs its mother more than a seven year old. i would have to be there for my baby 24/7 while a seven year old would go to school sometimes. if i have a baby now while i am a freshman in college i can be there for my baby 24/7 for the first few months because i will have had the baby in the summer time and it won't affect my schooling. then because i am in college i can plan my schedule how i want to. i only have to take four cla__ses a semester and i can balance my schedule out where i can take all my cla__ses on two days out of the week then be off the other six. on those two days my mother will keep the baby but i will be the primary caregiver. i am being smart. as long as women wait to have babies right in the middle of their careers they will never pa__s men. by having a baby early i can have it all. You act like its garanteed that by sleeping with all these men i will get an std. its not gauranteed. i could sleep with a thousand men and not get one disease. but if i do i am confident that the doctors can cure the baby. if the doctor can't, which is a big IF, then i will love my baby no matter how he or she turns out. if you must know my parents are paying my way through college so because i have a job i have been saving all of my money. i have been saving money since i was 15 and i have a nice joint bank account with my mother. since i don't have to pay for anything related to college, when i have the baby i will quit my job and live off of my savings. i am staying with my parents and i know they will help me becuase i know they feel very guilty about what they made me do to their first grandchild. as far as law school, i'll just have to figure that out when the time comes. don't they have grants for that.


jasy - October 29

i meant the other five days. and to me, thanks for an answer. i wanted to know if you meant to literally jump up and down like when i do jump rope or to jump up and down like bouncing while having s_x


?? - October 29

Jasy, I wait, I KNOW you have issues. GROW UP first!!!



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