Can Someone With Some Sort Of Experience Try And Tell Me Whats Going On

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Vanessa - August 18

Hello..I'm 15 years old and I had just lost my virginity about 8 weeks ago and i haven't had my period...see I took 3 tests and everyone showed up negitive and for a little while I was feeling like i was about to get sick but not once did i get sick I think I've gained weight but not to certian well I had s_x about 3 or 4 days ago WITH THE SAME GUY so if i had to i wouldn't have to play "whose the daddy" game...I think somethings wrong b/c everytime I pee it hurts REALLY bad like right by my belly button and down but not too far...but back to what I should do am I pregnant and do i have any posabillity(ms) of being pregnant...we use a condom EVERY time...I don't get it...someone please help


elle - August 18

i have the same problem, i just posted a while back & got no answer (Fertility?) I know just having s_x will screw up your cycle...and will make you late. Just wait a while, test again, and if you still feel weird, see a doc.


manda - August 18

I think you should go to your doctor and get a blood test. Good luck


Jess - August 18

Vanessa, does this "hurting" feeling you have when you go pee more like a burning sensation. Check your urine in the toliet for cloudiness. Also are you having an odour when you are urinating? Do you feel the need to go to the bathroom really bad, but only alittle comes out? If you have any of these symptoms then you may have some form of an infection (a bladder infection), which should get checked out by your doctor. It is common for women who are s_xually active to experience urinary tract infections, one way to combat this is to go pee after having intercourse (this helps to clean out the "area") and to drink cranberry juice on a regular basis.


fijian - August 18

That definintely sounds like an infection! I have had chlamydia and it kinda felt like that, then kept getting worse. Yours might only be a bladder infection or v____al infection though. You must see the doctor to get antibiotics or else the infection can spread into your liver and kidneys.


Sal - August 18

It sounds like you have a urine infection Vanessa. I get them alot - they're a b___h! Put some of your urine in a cup and if it looks murky then go to the doctor to get some antibiotics. As for being pregnant, your missing period is not a good sign, but as you used a condom it seems unlikely. Your missing period maybe due to stress or even the infection you currently have.



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