Can Sperm Get U Pregnant If It Drips Out Right Away

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Jesse - October 14

After s_x I stand up or if i'm standing I let it ooze out. Does this mean there's not enough sperm in me to get me pregnant? i've been trying for 4 months.


rowanda - October 14

If you are trying really hard to get pregnant why don't you help the sperm along, so to speak, and just kind of keep it in there. Once it's in there, if it drips out it will probably go up anyway unless you take a bath right away. But if you've been trying like this for four months your problem probably isn't all the sperm dripping out of you. You should visit a doctor.


Viv - October 14

Enough sperm should stay in you even if you skip rope for five minutes. I've read that a visit to the doctor is in order if you have not succeeded in conceiving for a year. Folks who are trying to conceive use the missionary position and the woman stays on her back for ten minutes after. The research that makes most sense to me is that the day before ovulation has the highest chance (35% from a single act), and that day is most easily determined by the change in cervical mucus. That is the body's own signal that it is ready.


m - October 14

Jesse, both of the previous posts have some good points. While staying horizontal for 10 minutes after s_x may be sufficient, I have also read 20 minutes, therefore, that I what I practiced. Also, place a pillow underneath your b___t, so that your midsection is elevated, giving the sperm more help by way of gravitational pull. One more tip: after your man ejaculates, have him to stay put, p___s inside you for as long as possible. This serves as a "plug" so that the s____n/sperm has less of a chance of escaping. And IF he unknowingly has a low sperm count, it is that much more important that as much as possible stay inside of you to give them longer to "swim upstream". After that "magical window" pa__ses (10 minutes, 20, ...), anything that comes out is most likely just seminal fluid and not sperm itself. Good luck!


Viv - October 14

As long as M is in the pillow-under-hips mode, that is the position in which the male can most easily find and feel your cervix when he is in you. Let him practice that. The day he says, funny, it's not there any more, that is the day your cervix has gone high and soft and you can let him give it his all. Orgasm is also advised. They say the cervix actually dips down in orgasm to reach for the sperm!!!! Do you believe that?


m - October 15

I have heard orgasm helps with motility, helps the sperm get there faster, but I didn't know the cervix dipped down to get it. Cool!


Bea - October 15

Orgasm can help with you getting pregnant. When a woman orgasms before the man, the cervix does dip down, as well as the fluid that is created works as a glue to help keep the sperm in the body.



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