Can Symptoms Disapear

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Kerry - April 5

Can pregnancy symptoms go after a while? As at the end of January/beginning of February I was feeling sick in the morning, gassy, sore bbs, headaches, lightheaded and lower backache. My periods in both them months were very different to what they are usually like and about 10 days after af in february I bled for about 1 day but it was brown. Then I missed af in march and still havnt got af but I havnt got no symptoms other than I am very tired, wee a lot and always hungry. I did my last hpt about 1 week ago and it was bfn and I waitin for results of bt. Please answer as very confused!!!


*** - April 5

***baby dust***


bu - April 5



bump - April 6



bumppp - April 6



Hailey - April 6

Please can someone answer this question? I would like to know too!


Nikki - April 6

Well, the symptoms you are talking about, morning sickness, ga__sy, bbs hurting, headaches, light-headidness, peeing a lot, very tired, always hungry and backaches are very common symptoms of pregnancy. You're sore where?


Jena - April 6

did you get your bt results back today?


Kerry - April 7

Nikki - The only place I said I was sore were my bbs. Jena - I havent got my results back yet, I was told either friday or monday, why it takes so long for them to come back is stupid! How are you?


Bumpp - April 8

Bumpity bump


kim - April 8

I have two kids. When I was pregnant I had no symptoms until about 7 weeks then I was nauseated and very tired, and peeing alot. This does seem to go away quickly, but I remained tired and was still peeing a lot. So you can have symptoms that get better with time. Some of your symptoms like the missed period could also be hormone imbalance which can cause sore bbs, tired, ect.


Kerry - April 8

Thanks Kim, are you ttc?


kim - April 8

No, I just like this site. I had a really hard time conceiving my two children b/c I have irregular and sometimes no period at all. I like to share my info, w/ people who are going through what I did once.


L - April 8

Kim - I'm in the same boat - super irregular etc etc. it sucks!!! It's nice to hear that you were successful though! Any tips?


stacey - April 8

Maybe you were pregnant and had a m/c- when the symptoms disappeared. When I had my m/c they went away.


kim - April 8

Yes I have a great tip for you. With my second son I tried to conceive for 3 years, no luck. I didn't get a period at all for 2 years, I was devastated. I began to research abnormal periods and infertility. I found out that some women take herbal supplements to reggulate their period. I took something called New Phase it has natural plant estrogens and progestrogens in it. It also has Black Cohosh in it, a chinese herb good for fertility. This is for menopausal women, but isn't no period kind of the same thing. Anyway after taking this for 3 months I finally had a period. After taking this and having 3 normal periods I was pregnant the 3rd cycle. I tell everyone that has irregular periods about this. I am a beleiver that I would have never conceived without it.


Kerry - April 8

Hi Stacey the thing is I havnt bled for nearly 2 months and my last period was very light which isnt normal for me, which is why I dont think it was a m/c.



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