Can T Get Pregnant And Crying

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Jess - November 13

I am 19 and my husband is 21. We just got married not too long ago and have been trying to conceive for 4 months and nothing. We think that he might be infertile because both of his testicles were undescended. One of them was descended by surgery a few years before he hit puberty but they could not get the other one to come all the way down. He suggested adoption which I would like, but I also want a baby made by us. I feel so heartbroken. It's so unfair! I feel like my whole life is over! I try just to be thankful for having a loving husband and a chance to adopt one day, but I still want our own baby. Is there anyone on this website that has a husband similiar to mine and still got pregnant? Not many people are in the infertility forum so I thought I would ask here since there are more people in this forum.


ahava uk - November 13

hi there ,,,*cuddles* you dont say whether you have had any investigations, scans ect....try making an appointment with your doctor, and maybe start tests. I know im a baby when it comes to tests, and have run away from it so far, but brave


Relax - November 13

You've only been trying for FOUR months. That really isn't very long. Everyone wants to get pregnant right away, but it doesn't always work that way, even for the most fertile couples. My DH and I are completely healthy and fertile and it took us 8 months to get pregnant, even with perfect timing for most of those months. If you are uptight about it, it will take you longer. My sister got pregnant several times and her husband had a t______e removed because of cancer. If you are really concerned, ask your doctor if you can have his sperm count and motility checked. That will give you the answers you need. Until then you need to relax and keep trying. It is not an easy thing ttc, but it will happen eventually. Many couples try for years before getting pregnant. You can't give up now after only four months. In any given month, even the most fertile couple has only a 20% chance of conceiving, so the odds are against all of us. You just have to be persistent.


Jess - November 13

I realized that the amount of time that we have been ttc is not that long, but I am so scared that he is infertile. I'm afraid to do any tests because I'm afraid the doctors will tell me that he can never get me pregnant. I don't want to hear what they have to say if it is bad. I just can't help it. I want to be able to hope that he can get me pregnant.


Jess - November 13

Also, since we are young, I thought people our age get pregnant fast.


Steph - November 13

Instead of being so worried that your dh is infertile, you need to have him checked out by a doc. You could be worring for nothing. It took my dh and I six months to concieve, so you need to have patience. Having your dh tested is going to be the only way that you are going to find out. Try not to be so scared and upset before you find out..Good Luck to you and your dh...also, have you been temping or using opk's to aid in conceiving?


tj - November 13

People your age don't get pregnant fast. There are people in their late 30's who get pregnant on the first try, and people in their early 20's who try for years. Just be patient and keep trying. If after a year you are still not pregnant, then go to the doctor for tests. Honestly though, if you are worrying about not being able to get pregnant, and then worrying about what the doctors might say, you will not get pregnant. Stress and worrying play a MAJOR part in conceiving. So you need to relax and be patient. I seriously doubt that he won't be able to get you pregnant. The human body is an amazing thing. Do you know if you have had the timing of intercourse right? I would start there. I would get opk's from the internet and use them to find out exactly when you are ovulating, then I would have s_x the day after you get a positive on the opk. Your problem might not be him, your problem might be that you are ovulating at a different time than what you think. I would look at that problem first.


Jess - November 13

Thanks for your responses ladies. I'm just really worried. I try not to think about it, but it is hard. I do feel better now though after reading your responses. Thanks.


----- - November 13

I am 10 weeks, and trust me--count yourself lucky you don't feel like me and enjoy being normal!!!! Just trying to lighten it all up a bit---BEST OF LUCK TO YOU :)


Kelly - November 13

Jess, gynos have said that if a year goes by and you don't conceive then you should take further actions (getting tests done, etc) Statistics have shown that after a year of ttc that 80% are successful (without bc of course). I'm a__suming your AF's are normal...count yourself lucky because a friend of mine had no periods and her husband had a low sperm count...pretty impossible is what was told to them. But after some fertility treatments (and years) they now have a healthy baby boy. It will happen, just don't let it stress you because that can make ttc more difficult. Baby dust.



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