Can T Test Till Next Week Discuss Symptoms

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Gigi19 - March 7

Hi Ladies- I am 8dpo................I have sore BB, I had AF like cramping for 2 days (usually starts at night), back pain too and frequent if my bladder can't hold any liquid anymore. This would be #2 for me. DD will be 2 in April. I am trying not to test as it would be to soon. AF would be due 3/15. With DD I tested 4 days early and got a BFP. How is everyone else doing?


brads wifey - March 7

Hi Gigi- i'm 3 dpo. dh and I started trying in december 07 and this is the first time i've ovulated since then. I've been ovulating every other month. I just have sore nipples which is normal for me after O. my chart is if you wanna take a look.


Becky22 - March 7

Hi Gigi. I've been ttc since Sept 07 when I came off the bcp. My first 2 cycles were 47 & my last was 37. I'm currently on cd35. I don't know when I O'd. Since 20th Feb I've had backache & af cramps on & off (which I don't normally get till a couple of days before af), have had vivid dreams, creamy discharge & last Sat I got a metallic taste in mouth that lasted for about 2 mins. Symptoms seem to be going now though so I don't think I am pg. Have taken a few tests (the last one being today) & all negative.


MelissaP - March 7

ooh bd'd a day before O...good job! =P...hope that your dh's men caught the egg!


Gigi19 - March 7

I want to test so badly. I am having cramping like i have been doing to many sit ups. I just don't want to be disappointment. Especially since tomorrow will be 1 week to test. Becky- I would wait to test again somewhere btwn 37 and 47 days..........35 days could be to soon.


MAC_33 - March 7

Hey Girls, I'm 7dpo and dying to poas!!! I actually peed in a cup today but ditched it before testing...I'll probably stock up on some dollar tests this weekend and start testing on sunday (9dpo). I realize that even that is too soon but at least it will pa__s the time away. Oh here are my symptoms....really sore nipples, bigger bbs, and mild cramping every day. But I took Clomid for the first time this cycle so I realize that all of this is probably due to the Clomid...not pg. Good Luck to everyone!


Gigi19 - March 7

I have been telling my DH that I don't think I am pregnant (which is totally not true--------I totally think that I might be, I just don't want to get his hopes up). I think I am going to give him the 10 tests I bought on line to hold until next weekend. If I have to ask him for a test I will be more likely not to check-----does that make sense. I need to do something to get my mind off of this.


hopeful77 - March 7

Hi Gigi and the others. Your symptoms sound promising. I had af cramping 7dpo and dizziness and cramping 8dpo. I got a bfp at 9dpo (I had promised myself I would wait til I missed AF but who was I kidding). It was faint but def there and was stronger the next morning and evening. I am now 13dpo and have some af c___pming and weird st_tch type pains on both sides and in back. Apart from some tiredness I don't have any other symptoms. This is our first and I didn't realise I would be so worried. I think after trying for a while its hard to believe and so frightening. Baby dust.


brads wifey - March 7

thanks Melissa .. I hope they did too! lol Hopeful - thanks for sharing your symptoms! It really helps the rest of us during the 2ww :)


Sal - March 7

Hello. I've been ttc since Sept 07. Will be 7dpo tomorrow...going to the toilet a lot more than usual and drinking less. Boobs don't hurt as much as they do around this time in my cycle...not sure what that means! Been having the feeling in my lower stomach that af due any minute but it's not due until next Thursday. Too early to test, it's horrible waiting!! Fingers crossed for all you guys, keep them crossed for me! x


Becky22 - March 7

Congrats hopeful!! I've had the st_tch like feeling too - but I had that last month so not really taking that as a sign. I wonder why some women get bfp before their af is due yet some have to wait till they're quite late until it shows up bfp? Fingers crossed for you all!


jodi-ttc-08 - March 9

hi girls. i am currently CD25 out of either 30 or 32.. i had tubal reversal end of november, so this is month 3. i think i am 10 DPO no idea really. normally my nipples become errect 2 or 3 days before AF, which is the only sign i usually get, to alert me its on the way. they have been on high beam now for about a week non stop.. does this mean anything ????


MAC_33 - March 9

Becky, some women get an early bfp becuase implantation happens early. For example if the fertilized egg implants at say 6dpo then there would be enough hcg in your pee to give you a bfp on like 10dpo. However, if you don't implant until like 12dpo then your not going to get a bfp until about 16dpo....make sense? Also keep in mind that the hcg level in your pee is less than what you would find in your blood. So even though your hcg may be at 25 you may only be pa__sing about 12 miu through to your pee. The degree to which you pa__s hcg through to your pee is different for everyone but I read somewhere that it's about half of what's in your blood.


MAC_33 - March 9

Hey Jodi, I hope that the "high beams" are a good sign becuase I have that too! I am 9DPO today and this is my first (and hopefully only) month on Clomid so I'm a bit off on what could be a side effect from the Clomid and what could be pg. Anyway I got really tingly, sore, errect nipples at ovulation and they have not let up at all! My BBs have been sore the past 2 days too and I've had very light cramping since about 3-4 DPO. Cramping after O is normal for me but the only difference I've notice this time I'm also getting that weird pulling sensation right below my belly b___ton from time to time. Maybe pg? Maybe Clomid? Maybe just AF? Unfortunately I just have to wait it out and see!


Becky22 - March 9

Thanks Mac, that makes sense. Af showed up for me today, oh well, maybe next month.


Gigi19 - March 10

So I tested on Friday and got a BFN, but I knew I would as it was way to early (about 7dpo). I am now 9dpo and can't wait till this week is over with. I am testing on Saturday with FMU. I am still having back pain and stomach cramps. I was craving a steak this weekend. I am also getting a creamy discharge that started today. I have been really crabby. I am chalking all this up to PMS because I don't want to be disappointed. How is every one else doing?


brads wifey - March 10

hi gigi .. I am doing good. my temp took a dip this morning at 6 dpo (not getting my hopes up on implantation though). Today, I woke up with a headache and it won't go away .. I've also felt very lightheaded but I'm thinking that was from the cold medicine I took this morning. take a look at my chart if you want. it's under my first post on this thread



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