Can The Pill Give You A Period Even If Ur Pg

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Sian - March 31

plz bear with me.i missed a few pills at the begining of feb. i thought i was pg i was having alot of signs my af was 1 day late and then i had a brown blood lasting 4 days. my period is always heavy and last about 8. im on the pill still and just past it off, towards the middle of march i noticed more signs. this month i got a short light brown period again lasting 3 days. is it possible i am pg but because im still taking the pill im gettin sort of false periods. i may seem really thick but i ws so sure i wa pg. i wasnt tryin but id be over the moon if i was. any help would do. thanx


Audrey - March 31

Sian- Missing pills can mess up your cycle and increase your chances of getting pregnant. I suggest you take a home pregnancy test, and if it turns out positive stop taking the pills right away because they can harm the baby. If the result is negative you're probably not pregnant, but go to see a doctor if the situation still concerns you. Best wishes!


sian - April 1

i did a test to 2day n got bfn. so i guess im not. im really disappointed i still feel pregnant but iit might just be my imagination because i got used to the idea. thanx tho


Layla - April 1

Sian I wouldn't necessarily rule it out just yet. Keep a check on your body! I am in a similar situation. I stopped BC as precaution (only on it for a few wks) and am now experiencing very lt AF. Lt spotting only. So there is always a chance you may consider a Dr appt.?


Layla - April 1

....your AF shouldn't be that abnormal if you are continuing the pill.


sian - April 2

i went to my nurse when the first funny af came and she said that there was a chance. and to just carry on like normal and see what happens. im embaresed to go back incase it is nothing. please keep me posted in what happens with you!


sian - April 5

any one got anymore advice its driving me mad. i felt quesy this morning again.



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