Can The Pill Hurt The Baby

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Lauren - June 11

I'm not 100% sure that I am pregnant, but I am pretty sure... is it bad to continue taking the pill until I go to the doctor? Can the pill effect or harm the baby?


Lauren - June 11

I want to keep it if I am pregnant... but I am scared that if I am.. it will harm the baby or make me lose it.. any help?


Lauren - June 12

PLEASE -- has anyone heard any studies about this? Or actual life situations? It would ease my mind alot if y'all could help me out.


Wendy - June 12

If you are, you should stop the pill immedietly, and if you're not sure and continue to have intercourse, use a condom just in case. Take care of your body as if you were preg. Take care, keep me posted.


Lauren - June 12

Can me also stoppping it right now... in case I am pg... but if I am not...can just starting the pills back up be a problem?


Kimberly-K - June 12

in my opinion, which is completely unproffesional... going off the pill will screw you up a lot so you won't want to do that unless you are sure you're pregnant. Take a test if it's late enough in your cycle and if it comes back negative trust it until you have reason to do otherwise. The instructions with the pills I use say that if you miss a period you can continue taking your pills for the next month but to see a doctor to rule out pregnancy if you miss a second period. I have studdied up quite a bit (after many times of missing pills and thinking I was pregnant) and I have read that there is only a very small chance the pill will have a negative effect on an early pregnancy. Go to the doctor and ask for a test and advice if you have good reason to think you are pregnant. Good luck!


Lauren - June 13

Thank you alot.. that was very helpful!


Michelle - June 13

I think I am pregnant and everyone has told me to go off until I kow for sure as it can do damage. Hope it helps


Lauren - June 16

Okay.. AF due Monday... Now Wednesday night... still no AF but BFN on my hpt... should I stop my pills?


Jen - June 16

Lauren, I have read many times that when a girl gets pregnant on the pill she almost always doesn't know and continues to take the pill. It isn't supposed to hurt the baby, but I'm not sure how long you can do it for. From what I've read taking it even for a couple of months shouldn't cause harm. However, I don't know if the pill affects pregnancy test results. Also I've read it is better to finish a whole pack before stopping the pill cuz that could mess you up and maybe cause more problems for the baby. Are you on the reminder pills right now?


Lauren - June 16

Yes.. the final week/period/sugar? pills....



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