Can U Be Dry And Yet Pg

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Can I? - September 19

I'm abt 10dpo..and i realised tat my cervical fluid is getting drier..So does it mean I'm not preggy? Even though I tot I've many symptons..


Diana - September 19

I want to know about this too. I am 2 days late getting my period and very moist in my cervix. Is being moist a sign?


Hi - September 19

My last pregnancy I was very moist-I had yellow discharge at the time af should have arrived. I am ttc after a miscarriage and I chart my cervix and it is kind of dry-but some women are, it isn't a real good sign to go by for pregnancy. I know....the wait sucks!!!


Diana - September 19

Thank you for your response. I also noticed that cigarette smoke is suddenly really bothering me (my bf smokes) and I have had frequent urination in the last week. I am concerned.. my bf was told that after he was in an accident it was unlikely that he would be able to have children so we weren't too worried. Recently we have noticed that he has been ejaculation more fluids than before and we had a lot of s_x around the time I should have been ovulating and he was slow at pulling out.


aish - September 19

actually 2 days before my af,i started experiencing wettness ... could this a good sign or bad.. still 2 more days to go,,,,waiting sucks......


Grandpa Viv - September 19

While the "lotion" discharge and "wet down there" are often cited as an early sign, there have been enough women complain of "s_x too dry" that this is also in the panoply. I have spoken with women who went from one to the other and back in the first month or so. Suddenly turned off by cigarette smoke and perfume is a sign, as is more frequent urination. Fatigue is the most common sign. Good luck to all of you!


Diana - September 19

Regardless of the signs, I did a pregnancy test and it was negative! Kinda confused now.. maybe just stress is why I'm late? It's a good thing for now, even though I think I do want a child, when both myself and my boyfriend are ready and can provide financially.


Lisa - September 19

Can you feel wet down there but have no CM and still be pregnant? I feel wet all the time and feel like it is coming out but I don't see anything?


Can i? - September 20

I'm 4 days before remains to be slight high,ard 36.8 degrees celcius. My face is really dry instead of oily, as my usu pms..Yup! The waiting sucks! :p


JP - September 20

YES, YES, YES. I hope that answers you. I am 12 weeks pregnant and for the first few weeks I was dry as a bone. I didn't really have the lotion like discharge until about 7 weeks. The lotion like discharge really isn't a great sign of early pregnancy. Good Luck


Lisa - September 20

Thank you so much JP!


Can i? - September 20

Today I'm beginning tob a little wet, more like slippery discharge. 4 days b4 af! Hope it will not come:p


Lisa - September 21

I am also supposed to get my AF on the 24th, I am 12dpo today. My burning nipples stopped, but getting headaches the last two days and runny nose yesterday and light cramps



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