Can U Describe Morning Sickness Please

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Lola - February 19

I don't know where to stand with the morning sickness, This morning i was brushing my teeth and i felt like i as gonna throw up, I was disguted and it was coming up but nothing came out. My daughter who was downstair heard me and asked if i was ok.Could this count as nausea/morning sickness? It 's happened a few times and sometimes smells make me sick ,i'm a hairdresser and sometimes the smell of products make me wanna puke.What do u think ? Never had this before, i always actually threw up when i was preggo.Thx in advance.


Serenna - February 19

I have been experiencing the same exact things....I gag when I'm brushing my teeth...o so My dr. said it's nausea and that I should b jumping up and down since I"m not actually vomiting. I hope that helps a bit. Baby dust to u


vin - February 19

I am experincing lots of nausea but rarely vomiting and when i do its ike an acidy taste but smells make me more nauseas than anything, I walked out of Wal mart and a man was smoking a black and mild and i swore from the mell of that , that i was going to hurl!!! good luck


Lola - February 20

Thx girls, it helped a lot . Now i know that is nausea for sure, and that i get more nauseas than i thought ! Thx again .


S- - February 20

What does it feel like when you're NOT getting sick- I hava a weird feeling above my belly b___ton- almost like I'm not sure if I'm hungry or a bit nautious. However, I can't decide if it's cramps? before af- or if it is indeed morning sickness. I have never had cramps or morning sickness before. HELP :)


Lola - February 20

S, i know what u mean, it happens to me too sometimes.I used to eat like a bird and if my stomach was empty well...nothing much, but now i can't stay empty stomach or else i''ll get nausious.When is ur af due ? mine is due next week, but i don't think she'll come as i had a very weird one last month. Hope it'll hope . Baby dust to u . XX


S- - February 20

Lola- well, that's the hard part of my story. I had a D&E on the 28th, but we ttc right away (after a 2 week wait). So, my af can be expected anywhere from the 25th- to mid March. However, I am having alot of symptoms..I guess which could be either. Hpt- still coming up a BFN!!!! Keep me posted and good luck!


~m~ - February 20

Lola, you have brought back memories for me! When I was pregnant with my sons, it made me completely sick to brush my teeth. So sick that I got to where I was only able to brush once a day, in the morning. Yuck, I know, but I could NOT handle it. Sometimes I would even spit up the toothpaste. And the smell of Tommy Girl was my first aversion. My best friend wore it, and bless her heart, she had to stop since she was around me so often. That aversion never went away. But I did regain my ability to brush! LOL Good luck girls! Baby dust to all *********


monica - February 20

Oh my gosh, I have had the worst case of nausea for the past four weeks. Last week was the first week I didn't vomit every day. What you are describing sounds like morning sickness. It is so difficult for me to go to the grocery store because everything smells and makes me sick. I can even smell people if they have smoky or dirty clothes. I am nauseated all day every day but at least I am not vomiting any more, although I do get the urge.


Lola - February 21

S, i think u should wait until the 25 th at least before testing again, and then test every week if u can afford it ( can become expensive in the long run ).As for me, sigh....well, i dunno anymore ! I'll keep u posted. ~m~, i know what ur saying, i feel disgusted now , everything i smell is a yuk, even when i swallow my own saliva, it makes me wanna puke. Not so much of the perfumes ( yet ) lol,well we'll see ! Good luck to u all!



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