Can U Get Pregnant Off Percome Please Help Me

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lisa - September 2

me and my boyfirend had s_x with out a condom and he said he percome in me and i stayed on my periodn 4 3 days so can i be pregnant????????????


Em - June 8

Yes you can.


H - June 8

You can get get pregnant from pre-c_m since there can be sperm in it. You could possibly be but usually if you get your period you aren't but you can always take a home pregnancy test or wait until you miss your next period completely and then take one. Good Luck!


dreamer - June 23

me and my boyfriend had s_x a lot of times but i still dint c_m.How does he make me c_m?


ab - June 23

Don't freak out but see a doc


babygirl - June 25

when me and my boyfriend has a___l s_x i sometimes bleed from my a__s.what should i do?


Shea - June 26

If a___l s_x hurts, DON'T DO IT! Lots of women experience pain with a___l s_x. It isn't the place where things are supposed to go in, it's where things are supposed to go out. Don't let any guy MAKE you do it that way. If it hurts, SAY NO! Stand up for your self Babygirl. Take care to protect your body and your self esteem.


q - June 28

yes you can get pregnant from pre-c_m thats how i got my son. so the pullout and pray method doesn't work unless your are a very lucky person.


mel - June 29

yes you deffinetly can


hunnie - June 29

i have a question about me .i take showeers all the time and i wash my v____a really good but it still sticks and i feel gross b/c me and my boyfriend has s_x and he said something to me about it so ineed help about this a/s/a/p thankx


hunnie - June 29

i have an importanat question to ask i take showers everyday and i wash my v____a really good but my v____a still stinks and im not confortable with having s_x with my boyfriend cuz he said something to me a bout it and i dont like that i smell. so could you help i dont have to ask my mom.cuz its kinda embarra__sing thank u for ur time love hunnie


KU - June 29

If you have really foul smelling v____al odor it could simply mean that you need to improve your hygenic practices or you may have a condition called Vaginosis it is not a s_xally transmitted disease but rather a condition that occurs in a womens body if her PH level is off the disease is characterized by foul smelling discharge that may become worse after showering or using perfumes or powders to mask the odor . what you should do rather than suffering from embarresment with your boyfriend is see a gynecologist if you have this disease it is likely that they will treat you with a antibiotic for 7-10 days and woila !! you will be cured and fresh and clean as a whistle..


Randi - July 9

u can but its a big possibility that your not because you can have your period then spot


Samantha - July 9

Yes you can get pregant from pre should use some kind of protection1Even if that be birth cotrol or comdoms.


candice - July 11

i really dont know about the period part but you can get pregnant by percome because i did


s - July 12

can one get pregnant by prec_m? HELP


carrie - July 12

If you were on your period during this time, chances are you are not pregnant.



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