Can U Help Please I Sure Need It

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josey - December 2

My last period was on 11/17...according to the ovulation predictors i should ovulate from the 30th-2nd. However i've been experiencing frequent uriniation, my face is breaking out (which unusual) gums bleeding, nipple tenderness, acid reflux and gas at both ends...does anyone know what is goin on? Is it too early to b having all of these symptoms...or is this due to ovulation?


m - December 2

Was your period like normal, or maybe a little lighter than usual? Some women have periods for the first few months of pregnancy. Maybe you actually got pregnant last month. I'd take a test if I were you. And let us know how it turns out! Good luck.


Josey - December 2

My period stop in mid cycle due to having these aren't symptoms of ovulating?


.... - December 2



Grandpa Viv - December 2

That short period may have been implantation. If so, your early signs of pregnancy would have started around that time, and it is now OK to take a home pregnancy test. Good luck!


donna - December 2



Josey - December 3

I took a hpt yesterday and it was (-) any more suggestions about what is goin on? I'm so confused?


Josey - December 3

Is it possible to feel any of these signs if i would have concieved after my last period or is it possible that maybe the test isn't showiing pos. but maybe i could b? I dunno please help


m - December 3

It's possible that if you are pregnant, your hcg levels might not be high enough yet for a positive test. Especially if it wasn't a sensitive test. Get something like First Response Early Result and take it in the morning and see what happens. If it turns up negative, but you still feel pregnant, have the doctor run a blood test to see if you have any hcg in your blood. Good luck! And keep us posted.


Josey - December 3

I did use the first response early result but i took it in mid-evening and i haven't missed a period yet...but i've never felt like this b4


josey - December 3

could takin in the evening really effect it that much?


m - December 3

Well, it depends on your hcg levels. If they are really low, then yes. Oh, and I want to add... it isn't necessarily the time of day, as much as the length of time that pa__ses without going to pee. If you can go 4-6 hours without going to pee, then you should get approximately the same result as first morning, because the urine has time to concentrate. Does that make sense? So if you got pregnant... let's say... around the 24th or so (day 7), then you might not have enough hcg right now to show up, no matter what time of day. Your best bet may be to wait until your expected period, see if it comes, then test again. I hope this helps.


Grandpa Viv - December 3

I'm with m. Here's PlanB. Your period 11/17 was a regular period, even if it was not normal. You had s_x around the end of your period, ovulated and conceived shortly thereafter. Let's say conception was 11/26. By 12/2 you might have been experiencing early signs. Under these circ_mstances you would not expect a positive test until about 12/17


josey - December 3

thanks for everyones help i'll keep u updated!! :)



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