Can U Plzzz Share Ur Stories Ladies

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Princess H - January 20

Hello all, First, thx for reading me. Ok, here's my story. i have stopped the pill over 3 mths ago now, and i had 2 very short periods ,11/30(which lasted only a day 1/2 ) & 12/30( which lasted 2 days 1/2 ) . This has never happened to me b4. So i though i was preg. but all my HPT's are -, i didn't think much of it, until i've noticed my belly was popping out, my pants are getting tight now and i SWEAR i can feel movements in my lower abdomen. Feels like popcorn, always at the same place. Well, i went to see my doc today who says , it os not a cyst in my ovary and everything looks normal ( i.e,not preg.)She booked me for a blood test, wil know in 10days. I am starving all the time,i'm showing, i am not fat, just my belly is growing, and i can nver keep my eyes open. I am SOOO frustrated, if i am not preg. and don't have cysts, what is wrong with me ? my doc .says the sensation i feel could be gas, i know it's not ! And although everything looks against me, i do feel pregnant.( I ate a full plate of food not an hr ago, and i speak, i'm still starving !) I know my body, i feel different, i have 2 kids , so i know what it feels like the first baby's movements too. Did it happen to anyone else ? Loads of BFN's , short periods and turned out to be preg. ? PlZ share ur stories. Sorry my story was too long ! Princess H.


melissa - January 20

hey princess i am 18 weeks and i still have my period every month so far, i get that same feeling and when i went to planned parenthood she set me up for a blood test too, it's on the 24th of this month she said i def. am but just to have the proof, my belly pops out too, it pouches but im not fat it's hard and every test i took came back neg. so good luck to you!


hugg - January 20

melissa if you were 18 weeks a blood test would have confirmed it, even a urine test by now you are almost 5 months? come on.


For hugg - January 21

I think you have picked Melissa up wrong. She actually hasn't had the blood test yet - it's not until January 24th. Also I have heard of other women who haven't had positives on their urine test and they too were close to 5 months pregnant (so it appears it can happen!)


Princess H - January 24

Melissa, did u go to the doctor then ? what did he/she find ? are u pregnant ? I'd really like to know, i am a bit concerned.THX



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