Can Women With Experience Does This Sound Like Pregnancy

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ElizabethJ - October 29

My husband and I were not yet trying to conceive (planned on waiting a few more months though we are both very excited about the idea). But 3 weeks ago, I noticed that I was feeling waves of nausea here and there. Coffee, lavender, and meat seemed gross. I love wine, but it wasn't that appealing either. But it would come and go. Then I started to sneeze, get a runny nose, and occasional hot-flashes. I normally don't have bad allergies, but I'm still sneezing and have a runny nose and cough. I have an irregular 34 day cycle, and I'm due to start my period on November 2nd. I took a test on Oct 26, and it was negative. But I feel very bloated and like I have a stretched stomach in the lower area (it could just be my imagination?). Occasionally, I feel a pain in my ovaries, and also some with coughing. I went running yesterday and I felt like I had no lung capacity at all after about a mile, so short of breath. But, i don't really feel nauseaous consistently, and I don't have sore br___ts at all. Could I still be pregnant? Does this sound like anything you experienced during a pregnacy?


EMMA2 - October 29

No not entirely . The runny nose sounds like a cold...the shortness of breath and nausea as well. Sounds like the flu to me. Take a test that would be your best option.


EMMA2 - October 29

sorry u took a test...then just wait it out until the 2nd and test again if af is late.


lizie2 - October 29

hi emma. can i ask u a question? well i have an irregular cycle and last mnth I missed my period and i was due for it again this mnth on the 17th.. well nothing has come.. A week b4 it was suppose to come i was cramping which was weird cause normally i cramp and then my period starts right there an dthen.. but this time i was cramping slightly and evertime i thought I had statred it was just whitsh creamish discharge.. and now the cramping has completely stopped.. but no period has showed up.. i had been having these wavse of nausea and very much increased appet_te do think that I may have concieved.. also i had been having these left and right ovary pains like ovualtion pains but like I said my period has not showed.. do you think this could have been impalntation pains?


Elisabeth S - October 30

i had a cold and runny nose with sore throat as early preg signs with both of mine! so who knows! i guess pregnancy makes your mucus membranes active so you get runny noses.....both my pregnancies i got a sore throat and runny nose, i thought i had a very bad cold! good luck! i have no chidren as i never made it past 7 don't know after that...



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