Can You Be Pregnant And Not Know It

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kellylovesryan - June 11

i have been talking to my step mom and she has told me when anyone has s_x the 'fact' is you will get pregnant and she said with your first somepeople may not even know they are pregnant untill they think they need the loo but they don't they have to give birth this is horrible because my sister didnt know she was pregnant untill she was 3 months gone still with periods and my mum just kept getting told for about 4/5 months she wasnt pregnant and now my brother is 4 could this happen to me you hear about it all the time what happens if i think i need the loo but its a baby instead i had all the signs before and throught i was but im so confused and now im getting pain in my sides and by my ribs on the left hand side please write bk to me


nicksmmy - June 11

yes kelly you can be pregnant and not know it, however it isn't very common. I was a rare case, on the pill, still had bleeding every month and finally I missed a period and started to feel movement. I went to the dr and I was 7-7 1/2 months pregnant. i am in the medical field and thought that this could never happen, but i am proof it does. i delivered a very healthy happy 9lb 12oz baby-who is now 4 1/2 years old. if you are unsure if you are take a test, do you still have a period, having pains in your side and ribs could be anything. do you have any other symptoms...sore b___sts, discharge, getting bigger belly, ga__sy, missed period. good luck let me know


Faith1 - June 11

why don't you take a test or get a blood test , if you think you could be pregnant !


kellylovesryan - June 12

ok thankyou its just i did have alot of symptons before and funny enough i was sick about 4 or 5 in the morning and then i felt sick again i got everything by the side of me because i through i would be sick and this was about 7.30 or 8 and now i just feel shakkey


LadyD - June 12

It is possible to be pg and not know it. I was 10 wks pg when I found out & I found out by "accident." I was going for an xray & the technician asked lmp, I didn't realize it was over 2 mths since I had one. Dr. thought I was stressed, come to find out I was pg. Boy oh boy was I so surprised, never expected it, now my daughter is graduating kindergarten on Thursday.


linds99 - June 12

Mother nature is cruel. Since the hormones of pregnancy totally prevent ovulation, the bleeding is not truly a menstrual period, but rather early pregnancy bleeding. That said, the perception of having a menstrual period (or more than one) in early pregnancy can confuse the due date and delay some pregnant women from seeking appropriate and timely medical care. I think you would be able to take a test and get confirmation that you are pregnant, despite the bleeding everymonth.


kellylovesryan - June 12

i have gained a lot of weight


j. - June 12

Test?? Did you? Have you? or are you going to? You haven't mentioned....


kellylovesryan - June 12

i haven't yet im not scared to test i don't want it to be neg as it always is i want a postive



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