Can You Be Pregnant With Very Little Symptoms

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Ashley - October 25

I am sorry if this sounds like a dumb question because everyone's body is different, but I was wondering if there is a chance of pregnancy without any symptoms at all. Also, how far along is a normal preganacy to begin symtoms. I ask because people say that the br___ts get VERY tender even to the touch or that the woman is EXTRA tired. I have not yet missed a menstral cycle, but my br___ts are tender only if they are pushed on (say laying in bed on my stomach). And as for being tired, I am not a night person to begin with, but lately I cannot wait to get into bed at a very early hour.


Jodie - October 25

You can get tender b___sts before your period.


fanny - October 25

it is still possible to be prenant and get your period for the first couple months of it. but it sounds like you are just getting ready to get your period, b___sts can get very tender beforeit


Viv - October 25

Yes, some women claim they have very few symptoms other than missed periods, and sometimes not even that for the first trimester. We a__sume you are posting here because you have been exposed and something feels different already - tired, and b___sts feeling different. If you miss your period, wait for week before taking a home test. Good luck!


Ashley - October 25

oh I understand that b___sts can be tender before the start of a period, and that is also normal for me. However I am not due for my period for a week to a week and a half. I would not mind being pregnant :0). I had a miscarriage about 6 years ago and at that time I was a VERY active person with an irregular menstral cycle and had absolutely no symptoms what so ever. I know have a desk job and am not as active so I know that can change a body. I know some people say that they get cramps, do these cramps feel just like menstral cramps? Also, as for people wanting to snack more . . .what about NOT wanting to each as much, I know it sounds weird and thats why I ask. I definetly do not want to eat as much, get full faster, and for the life of me cannot decide what I want to eat because nothing sounds good anymore, not that it makes me sick it just doe snot sound good. Thanks to those who respond.


monique - October 25

some women have no symptoms at all. not even tender b___st.


monique - October 25

you may need to go to the doctor, because if your periods are irregular, it is a possibility to have a period while pregnant, i know because i have been there.


Ashley - October 25

Thank you to all those who have posted so far. I am glad to know that having no symptoms at all is possible. I was not trying to get pregnant but it is welcome if I am :0). I am kind of crossing my fingers that I am :0). As for irregular periods. . .they used to be, but because I am not as active as I was then they are pretty regular now, but I am not due for another week to week and half. I am somewhat anxious and want to take a pregnancy test now, would it be to early to come out negative if I am only two to three weeks pregnant?


Ashley - October 26

The last time I was pregnant and had a miscarrage I woke up in the middle of the night sssoooo thirsty and then before I went back to bed used the restroom. Is that normal, or anyone else have that. I only ask because I NEVER get up in the middle of the night, I sleep right through, but last week once again I was up every night thirsty and had to use the restroom.



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