Can You Be Pregnant With Your Tubes Tied

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lilmomma06 - August 4

OK. I had my tubes tied with rings 2 years ago. My last af started 07/11. I have been experiencing all the classic symptoms that I remember from previous pregnancies. I have had nausea, headache, backache, sore br___ts,and cramping for the past two weeks. Today it seems like my br___ts are about to break free from my bra! I had a neg. hpt yesterday eve. I went to doc and he said there's nothing wrong with me. No viruses or infections to speak of. Is all of this in my head or could I be pregnant again?


krissy2006 - August 4

Have you taken a test? Did your doctor do a PG test? Of course it is always POSSIBLE that you could be pregnant. Not probable after that kind of procedure but definitely possible.


BrendaW - August 4

You should try testing with first morning urine and an early hpt if you are going to test this early. You would barely be due for af this week if you have a normal 28 day cycle. Best of luck i hope it says what you want it to!


BrendaW - August 4

BTW- can you tell me how they tied your tubes with rings? i am curious i have never heard of it done that way before. I seems a safer alternative to cutting and burning them lol


lilmomma06 - August 4

they take a loop of your tube and put a ring, like a small rubber band, over it. the pressure from the band squeezing your tubes cuts off blood supply and causes your tubes to close....supposedly. lol!


BrendaW - August 4

Thats pretty neat and sound easily undone thats good. So do you want to be prego?


jay_t - August 5

I was conceived after my mom's tubes were tied...


lilmomma06 - August 6

Still having all the symptoms and some are getting stronger. could be my af coming? I've pretty much convinced myself i'm prego, so af would be kind of disappointing. also a little nervous about tubal or miscarriage, as i hear those can make you test negative. few more days to wait before i can test again, so we'll see.


jay_t - August 6

good luck :]



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