Can You Be Prego When A Test Says Neg

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MEE - August 15

took 2 prego test both came up neg but i am almost 4 weeks late on AF which is highly unnormal, AF is usually like clock work, every 28 days


Amanda - August 15

Both mine came up negative too and I'm experiencing several symptoms. Even my cousing showed up negative until 3 months into it! Only the blood test showed true.


MeM - August 15

You could just have skipped a period because you are worried about it. It's VERY unlikly that you would be four weeks late and get a neg test result if you were pregnant unless your hormone levels were low and in that case is dangerous. Either make an appt with a dr. or visit a local planned parenthood


Jen - August 15

2 weeks late here with neg tests, i have my dr appt tomorrow to do a blood test. too many symptoms, no answers. i feel your pain!


MEE - August 15

Thanks ya'll . Its just weird i don't really have symptoms except cramps, headaces and peeing alot. not sick or throwin up b___bs don't hurt. Its just weird because i have never missed a period


Jenn - August 15

I had three false negatives before my doctor told me i was pregnant


Jen - August 15

You made me feel better. It's the waiting that kills ya. At first I thought I was convincing myself I was but I have never been this late before. So there's still hope I am :) Thanks!


Emily - August 15

Hey guys-My last period was May 23 and I have been sure I have been pregnant since then but every test I took was negative until yesterday I had a light positive. Good luck and baby dust to all of you! Hope this helps- Oh yeah when the box says it is 99.9% positive that means when the test says pregnant it is 99.9% positive that you are pregnant, not when it says negative.


Jen - August 15

Yay Emily, you're the best. I guess sometimes those tests just take their sweet time, huh?


Stacy - August 15

Hey ladies, I am in the same boat. I am almost 4 weeks late. I had three negatie tests so far. I haven taken one for about a week. I have a Dr. appointment tommorrow. The nurse said if the urine is nagative again, they will do an internal exam. I would be like 8 weeks pregnant so the exam should be pretty reliable. The nurse said I will also have to go for the blood test. I was not trying to conceive, but I guess my husband and I were not trying to hard not to either. Only method of b/c was very carefull withdrawal. I am starting to think amybe one gotta way.LOL. Bany dust to you all. I will let you know what the Dr. says about all the negative tests.


Jen - August 16

Had gyno appt this morning. Blood work will be back tomorrow. They're also checking my thyroid and other hormone levels. Wish me luck!


to MeM - August 16

I'm getting very sick of people giving answers when they are just guessing. It is a proven fact that many women don't test positive even in blood tests for their entire pregnancy and still have healthy babies. 25% of women don't test positive in early pregnancy. Read other streams and check other web sights and get your facts straight before you shatter people's hopes or worry them that they may be in for a miscarriage!!!!!


Maya - August 16

Take a blood test, my test did the same until I found out, I was 4 months pregnant. good luck,


Brooke - August 16

I'm not sure if I'm preg. or not, but did anyone have really bad gas (sorry to be nasty) during the first few weeks? I also have very, very sore b___bs (they are hardly sore at all when I have my period) I'm have very light cramping every now and then and at night all I want to do is go to bed...I have never been like that in my life! Also a/b a week and 1/2 ago, I had what I thought was my period for only 2 days and extremely light...


Ca__sie - August 16

I have posting all over the place with no help. My hubby and I have been using withdraw and we had an incident the end of last month (would have been ovulating). I am now one week late for AF and having all kinds of symptoms but tons of BFN on home preg tests. I am to go for a blood test Thursday, but after reading these posts, I am afraid I am going to get another BFN and really be pregnant. I have been exhausted, crying at everything, bloated, cravings, dizzy and the list goes on. Just no BFP!!!! Am I testing too soon??


Ca__sie - August 16

PS-had spotting for 2-3 days 5 days before AF was due and then no real AF ever came.


Courtney - August 16

Hey..wondering if any of you have any thoughts on this? I had two seperate spottings on Saturday and both were just light pink spots. I had cramping like my period was starting Saturday and Sunday. A little cramping so far this week, headahces, peeing ALOT, and 'puffy' feeling b___bs which is really unnormal for me. I took a hpt yesterday evening and its negative...maybe too early or not enough hpg hormone> What do you guys think? Thanks..p.s. about a 1 1/2 week late..



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