Can You Believe My Dh

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rhamel - July 5

I know this is a signs of pregnancy forum and this doesn't have a whole lot to do with that. Ok I have had 3 positive pregnancy tests since yesterday but I'm still only 11 dpo unless I ovulated early but I doubt that because I have a very regular 28 day cycle and already my husband has told a bunch of his friends and his entire family that I'm pregnant! He told them all with out even asking me if it was ok to tell people yet. I didn't want to tell anyone until I got a positive result from a doctors office because being SO early anything could happen most miscarriages happen very early pregnancy. Urg, so now I had to tell my mom before dh's family got to her first but now if something happens and this pregnancy doesn't stick I have to tell everyone in the world I had a miscarriage. And to top it off my brother's first child is going to be born tomorrow (his wife is being induced) and I feel like all the attention SHOULD be on his family right now not on mine... I mean it's a big deal he is my only brother and my dad was the only boy in his family so you know it's a BIG deal that he gets to carry on the family name. Men, they just don't understand.


sammykjo - July 5 sure don't understand! I'm sorry, cause I totally wouldn't want my dh to tell everyone right away. He obviously is very very excited...which is a good thing. Hopefully everything goes well and you can move forward and tell more people the good news! :)


tippykitty - July 5

You're right. They don't understand. My dh did the same thing last month and then when I had a m/c he left it up to me to tell everyone. I am still having to tell people that I didn't even know he told cause when they call he just automatically hands the phone to me and walks out of the room. I decided next time I get pregnant I am not even telling him. Good luck rhamel.


jue - July 5

hi, my dh was the same. I have now had 15 m/c in 3 yrs and after my first m/c my dh wouldn't tell anyone till I had gotten to 10 weeks. all 15 m/c ended before 8 weeks but now I am 11.2 weeks and have seen the heartbeat. our men get so excited about being dads they forget and hope that the worst will never happen and some can't handle the loss. we bounce back quicker because our families are there for us but most forget that our men have lost the baby as well and are grieving. rhamel I would tell ou parents but ask them to keep it quiet untill your brothers baby is born as you feel it is his day and not yours and want to wait for a day or 2 before telling him. they will understand and love you more for it. congratulations. I found out when I was 11dpo that I was pregnant and we told a few very close friends because they were our strenght when we lost all our babies. this time bump is sticking around and and boy am I looking forward to getting rid of morning noon and night sickness. good luck


BrendaW - July 5

Jue- What did you do with this pregnancy that helped it stick?


rhamel - July 5

Jue thank you for sharing your story, you are e very strong woman (and your husband is a strong man) for not giving up I really admire that.



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