Can You Feel Implantation

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Leah - December 3

Whoa!! I'm not crazy or anything, but it's about the time I should have some implantation occuring if we did indeed concieve, but I had a sharp pain in the right part of my uterus, kind of like when you ovulate, but this felt more like in my uterus, can you feel it when it happens!! Does anyone have any idea! Thanks


Nicole - December 3

ME TOO! I am not sure though if I am pregnant 100%, but I had a positive test wednesday. I had a pain in my side and in my back (but very subtle) I am scared because I also read this can be a sign of ectopic pregnancy, which is bad.


LeahP - December 6

Hmmm! I've heard sometimes, just your uterus and ovaries are trying to adjust to the changes, so it's not necessarily ectopic, but do any previous pregnant women have nay ideas? Could you feel implantation?


A.V. - December 6

Leah when did your last af arrive,when were your ovulation days? I only ask because I'm on the same boat.


Leah - December 7

Hi A.v. My last period was the 14th of Nov. and I ovulated the 29th. I was having all kinds of cramping up until after I ovulated, I had cramping for a few days, ecspecially in the right side of my uterus, so I was wondering if some women can feel it, it was a a strange tingling, painful cramp and then it was gone, and sometimes I can still feel it!! What's your dates!


A.V - December 7

Hi Leah, well af was the 17 of Nov. I am now aprox. 10 dpo according to the ovulation calculator I have a 26 day cycle, I have been feeling very off lately like today I feel very dizzy and I feel like I'm gonna pa__s out, I have light cramps not uncomfortable though so I'm hoping I hit the bullseye this month because if not I am going to wait for another year


ruth - December 8

I too cramp at ovulation,my last AF was 13 nov and i started spotting today very light very mild pain.AF always regular,but who knows.Might just be early.Is it too late for implantation???


A.V. - December 8

Ruth, I don't mean to discourage you but I ghad the same thing last month AF came 6 days early and was also light but 1wk-2wks later I took hpt's to make sure if I was and I wasn't. And sure enough I ovulated and now I have some symptoms so I'm hoping!


amd - December 8

You can not feel implantation. Although if you are having an etopic or (pregnancy in the falopian tube) this may cause pain near the ovaries. As would preparation for ovulation.


amd - December 8

oh yeah, i am on pregnancy #2 and the first 3 months, i had period like cramps


Rebekah - December 9

Yesterday which would have been day 14, I started to feel nausea and cramping. Today I still feel nausea but no cramping. Is nausea a symptom of ovulation - an ideas what this could be? I do have a very short cycle of 23 days.


Nick - December 9

Rebeka- that's funny that you should mention nausea with ovulation. I have been keeping a journal of my cycle and on December 4th, which was the day I probably ovulated I wrote down waves of nausea throughout that day.


twingle - December 10

It's rare, but not unheard of to feel a short, sharp pain at time of implantation. If the pain gets any worse, though, go see your Dr. to rule out an ectopic pregnancy, esp. if you feel clamminess or faintness.


A.V - December 10

Hi Leah just wondering how you were doing? Any good news yet? Well I took a test this morning still negative but af is not due until Sun I'm hoping it won't show it's face!


Leah - December 10

Hi A.V. Well, I took a test yesterday, because I 'm the most impatient person! But it came out negative, I'm beginning to get discouraged! It was even the sensative strips off of this web site, do you think it could still be too early, they're suppose to detect down to 20! I'm just not feeling myself lately, I guess we'll find out the 14th, three more days to go!!!


A.V - December 10

Hey Leah, No I don't think hope is lost I think it's still kinda early maybe conception took place a little later, I too do not feel like myself I am very nauseous lately and I do not feel like myself at all. I guess we just have to wait and see.


Leahp - December 12

Hi A.V. It's Sunday morning and I was just seeing if af showed her head!!!??? I hope not!! Let me know, only one more day for me! I guess we'll see!



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