Can You Get O Pains On Both Sides

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snickelfritz - March 29

I'm pretty sure I felt O pains on both sides this cycle. I get O pains every cycle when I O, so its a familiar feeling, but usually it's ONLY on the left side OR the right side. This time, it was both. Is it possible to feel it on both sides or could this have been something different? TIA!


Emma2 - March 29

I have read about this on Webmd TTC with Dr. Amos. He answers all these questions the same way. If you felt it then it obviously is possible but the meaning of it is unknown. You ovulate randomly on either side in any given cycle. He also says that silght cramping in your ovary can mean your going to O or are O'ing but it's not the best way to confirm O. Good Luck


mamacita - March 29

I also have pain when am o'ing, but I have used opk and I can tell you for my body sometimes the pain was before I o'ed and sometimes it was after. I personally never felt it on both sides. Everyone is different so maybe you did feel it on both sides.


snickelfritz - March 29

I chart and monitor cm and temps with Ovusoft AND Fertility Friend. Ovusoft says I O'd on Sunday (the day after I felt the pains) while Fertility Friend says I O'd on Saturday (the day I felt the pains). So, I'm pretty sure I O'd.


Emma2 - March 29

Do your temps indicate O? But anyhoo, I wasn't questioning if you did ..I was stating that pain in on both sides is not something to base O on.


twotimesthecharm - March 29

Snickelfritz, did you have a m/c? I just want you to know that I am sorry if you did. Well, I am still TTC. I had a chem pregnancy this past cycle and went to the doc on Monday and they told me that I would be probably ovulating from my right ovary this cycle since that's where I have the dominant egg. For me I have pain on both sides, but more so on my (L) since it appears to be my most actively side. I hope the doc is right since my left tube is blocked and my right tube is open. Sending baby dust your way. Also, I was told by the doc that if you have pain on both sides it can be an indication that you could have the possibility of releasing 2 eggs since each ovary is working to produces the larger egg. If this occur you can be in store for some fraternal twins. It can even occur with releasing 2 eggs from one side (very rare) in this respect. I know I have been preggo with fraternal twins 2x. I hope this helps.


snickelfritz - March 30

Emma2, Oh, I never base O solely on my O pain... it's usually just an additional indicator for me... when my temps confirm that O has happened (which they indeed have). I use temp, o pain AND cm every month to help me determine when I o. Temp comes first as an indicator, then cm, then o pain. ~~~~~ twotimes, Yep... I miscarried. Cycle Day one this cycle was the day of my d&e (at 12.5 weeks). How did your twin pregnancies end up? Were they successful?



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