Can You Get Pregnant After A Missed Period

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Amanda - September 2

I was just wondering does anyone know if its possible to get pregnant after a missed period?? I have now missed 2 periods and still negative hpt's! Me and my fiance have tried alot since my last period and that was june 24th and still tried after i missed my period on july 24th!


anon - September 2

my guess is you are already pregnant


kim - September 2

My guess would be that you have a hormone imbalance and no you will not ovulate without a period. You are having anovulatory cycles. This needs acessed by your Dr. Look into PCOS, many women who have irregular cycles have this syndrome. Have you always been irregular or is this something new? I am always that way, and I know from experience that it is so hard to concieve. You only ovulate when you have a period no period = no baby. It is so depressing. Look into herbal remedies for infertility, I found something that worked for me and I finally concieved after 3 1/2 years of trying.


r - September 2

i missed my period and i am 5dpo and i think i have conceived this month.


kim - September 2

r, you said that you missed a period and are only 5 dpo? That doesn't sound right you should be more then 5 dpo if you have missed a period already? Are you sure you have it right?


JH - September 2

I just saw my doctor today and he told me that I can get pregnant if I don'thave my period. I always thought if you don't have your period you were obviously not ovulating so he confused me. I skiped my period last month I still have not gotten it and he told me that I need to pertect myself if I don't want to get pregnant. Any insite on what he is talking about. Can you get pregnant or not?


kim - September 2

I have no idea what he is talking about. I have talked to my Gyno and she said it is a anovulatory cycle, meaning no ovulation???


r - September 2

no not now i missed my period last month


!! - September 3




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