Can You Get Pregnant On The Last Day Of Period

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Pearl - November 10

About 3 weeks ago I had unprotected s_x on the last day of my period. We used the withdrawal method, but i'm well aware that this does not always work. My cycle is pretty long: I have a period for 7 days and won't have the next one till 28-34 days later. I highly doubt that I am pregnant, but I was wondering if there would be evidence otherwise. Actually, I should be expecting my period any day now and for the past 2 weeks I've had what I think is PMS, although I've been told that early pregnancy symptoms share some of the PMS symptoms. Please help, i'm really nervous.


E - November 10

Your chances of becoming prego on the last day of a period with a normal cycle or slim to none but with an extended cycle, I think you have nothing to worry about. Especially given that he did not ejaculate inside of you. Good luck:)


Pearl - November 10

Thanks for the rea__surance E! :S I'm not in the position to have a child...I'm in college, and would really like to finish without any obstacles!


T - November 10

If you really do not want any obstacles use protection to help prevent them


Pearl - November 11

T, yeah, i know...i've never done that before, i don't know why i slipped up this time, not trying to make any excuses...but i've been stressed and haven't been to wise in my decisions :( This is definitely a wake up call.


Pearl - November 11

ALSO...i dunno, some other symptoms that have recently developed are that i'm extremely ga__sy(maybe i ate something that's triggering it?) I have the feeling that i normally get when my periods fixing to come (which should be today, or tomorrow) but I still feel uneasy...all the signs point against it, but i'm so paranoid! Yesterday, i could've sworn my left b___st tingled :S...what about this?


T - November 11

I can't say that u are not preg. but u know the saying if u think negative, negative things happen and vice versa, maybe two months ago if u had a stomach ache u would have though nothing of it but now that u have slipped up u are always thinking it is a pregnancy symptom. just take another test one of those early response test and see.


Pearl - November 15

Okay, here's an update! My period started, i'm on day 5, everything's looking normal...It's not unusually light, or dark...should i get worried though, if it ends early?


T - November 15

I do not think you should worry if it ends early but if u want u could take another test but i do not think that u are pregnant.



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