Can You Get Pregnate By

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hikid - August 18

Incerting just ejacklated come with finger. BF came on my belly. I meen if it was put in by a finger on a high ovulation date?(Aug7) And what are chanses if I am 33 my last period was Jul 25th, how soon shold I take a test?I have headaches, nausea, tired, freakquent urination, smell stuff stonger, hungry for stuff and don't like normal stuff like I love my diet pepsi but now can't stand it. Could I be? When should take test?


omg - August 18

to tell you the truth i don't think you are 33....


hikid - August 18

yes I am 1971 my birth yr


b.e. - August 18

omg - lol! :) but seriously - "hikid" you should take a test as soon as you miss your next period.


Emily - August 18

(Im not sure I understand exactly what you mean at the beginning did your boyfriend put sperm in you with his finger?) take at hpt on the day you should start your period-it sounds like you could be pregnant but it could be in your head thinking you might be pregnant. No offence but I agree with omg-are you really 33? If not you need to talk to your mom and let her know whats going on and in the future use a condom!


kerry - August 18

was u seriously expecting a serious answer posting a question like that i suggest a finger condom and no u wouldnt b pregnant kids today hey ladies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Confused??? - August 18

Why would he even do this? Are you TRYING to get knocked up? This just seems like a silly thing to even have to worry about.


Melissa - August 18

You all need to be a little more understanding....we do not know what nationality or background this woman comes from and her speech may not be as perfected as ours. Maybe she is trying to explain to us her situation to the best of her ability......


Grandpa Viv - August 18

You list a strong set of early pregnancy signs which presumably started during the last week. Try a test August 27th first pee and another a week later if you don't get a normal period beforehand. Good luck!



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