Can You Have Periods Throughout Pregnancy

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trisha - July 16

is it possible for a girl that ways 7 stone and is very thin to have periods all the way though her pregnancy? i have a very bloated tummy and ive looked about 4 months pregnant for about 8 months now. it has the rounded shape of a uterus and when ever i sit for a long period of time i get a line where the top of the bump is. i have been having my periods but ive also been having unprotected s_x for the past year and 3 months. can somebody please give me some advice?


trisha - July 16

* weighs, sorry i spelt it wrong lol


trisha - July 16

does nobody care to answer my question?


klm - July 16

It is highly unlikely that you would have periods during pregnancy. All I can say is see your doctor to make sure nothing serious is going on.


trisha - July 18

thank you for your reply, is there anybody on this website that has been pregnant and had periods? is so were they normal? any help is appriciated please give me some details


Ivy - July 19

Trisha, My sister in-law had periods for three months. It is unusual and they couldn't tell her why it happens. If you look 4 months pregnant- and have looked the same for awhile I would think it is not pregnancy. 8 months is too long to not have changes in the size of the baby if there were, indeed, a baby. Have it checked out. Best of luck. Let us know what you find out.


trisha - July 21

thank you ivy. im not sure what it is, i dont want to go to the doctors about it because i dont want to cause any unwanted stress for my mum. maybe its just me getting fat although i find it strange how im only gaining fat around my stomach. If it gets painful then maybe i will go to the doctors but at the moment im not in any discomfort apart from when i bend down it feels as though theres something restricting because my stomachs so hard. Thank you for all your help anyway x x x


Colleen - July 21

I'm worried for you. It could be something serious. I think you need it checked out. Don't tell your mom you think your're preg. Just tell her you don't feel well and need to see a dr. Both of my sister-in-laws (not related to eachother) had there period through their preg, so it is possible. Good luck!


Heather - July 21

Honey, if you don't want to be pregnant than you shouldn't be having unprotected s_x, besides pregnancy aren't you worried about diseases? It sounds like you have something going on other than pregnancy. I have heard of women who are anorexic gaining a pouch because of the malnutrician - or you could have a tumor or somthing - see a doctor pronto - if you are not grown enough to take care of yourself and than how are you going to care for a baby? One word - condoms!


trisha - July 21

actually heather i am old enough to take care of myself. well i hope so anyway seen as i have my own place etc. if im not pregnant by now then i obviously cant have children because ive been having unprotected s_x with my boyfriend for well over a year. Maybe it is something serious and not pregnancy i just wish i could pluck up the courage to go and see the doctor.


HELPER - July 22

Why don't you take a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy. If its negative, go see a doctor. Take the necessary steps to get better. Just because you haven't gotten pregnancy yet, doesn't mean you can't get pregnant in the future. Its difficult to get pregnant. For most average couples it can take up to a year. Good luck


Heather - July 22

there is only a 27% chance once a month that the egg will be fertilized and implanted - 50% of all pregnancies end in m/c early in the pregnancy, many before the woman even misses her period, with rates like that it is a miracle any of us ever get pregnant! ~*baby dust to all~*



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