Can You Ovulate And Not Have Period

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Jamie - March 14

I haven't had my period in almost 2 1/2 months. All hpt's are neg. I am going to the doctor in a week. I would like to know since I haven't had my period, could I still be ovulating? I am so sick of this endless rollercoaster of emotions...


Jamie - March 14

I posted this earlier - just curious if anyone who is on now can help me...


sue - March 15



kat - March 15

some people test neg although they are still actually pregnant,just a thought as to what could be happening......


enail - March 15

Definitely check with your doc. I have been having very light periods and doc said that if I stop having them, or it is just spotting, then a: I could be pregnant, or b. I could have stopped ovulating. Good luck


to enail - March 15

how long have you had lighter periods for? and are you ttc?


enail - March 15

I have been having lighter/shorter periods since Nov. 04. I had a two day period at the end of Nov, did not think I was pg, but turns out I was. I m/c 2 week later (was about 6 weeks). After that, shorter and lighter periods each month (Jan, Feb, and March). Have been ttc since Oct. Very frustrating. Also, have been having pg "signs" right after ovulation, and turns out to be nothing . . .af shows up, just lighter.


enail - March 15

I am in the same boat as you! I went off the pill in August. Got my period in Sept. Then I didn't get it again until end of November (very different). I got it again in begin of Jan. (once again it wasn't normal). I haven't had it since January. I feel like I am preg. but tests say neg. In February around the time I was supposed to get it my period my b___bs were extremely sore, weird feelings in stomach, feeling like I was going to throw up (which I did). Since then things have subsided - yesterday my b___bs started hurting again. What is up?? My doctors appointment is for March 28th. The last time I took a hpt was the 10th - BFN.


Jamie - March 15

Sorry the last post was to enail from me!! Sorry! :)


enail - March 15

I don't know what is going with you, or me, but I know it can drive you crazy! I was not on b/c pill (well, it has been years), but had always had regular cycles. I am beginning to fear it is my age? I am just 36 in Jan. Sorry you have to wait until 3.28 for the doc. appt. Funny, I actually took an hpt on 3.12 (since my period was so light) BFN. My bbs seem to grow and shrink everyday! I have no idea what is up, but it is relief to know I am not alone . .


Mary - March 15

I asked my doctor that question he said no , he said when you ovulate you do have a period


sara - April 29

i know this is posted a little late but for anyone else who comes across this site, i know that getting off bc can trick your body to make you feel like your pregnant. in fact some bc while your still on oi can trick your body to make you feel like you prgnant. it's very common for your periods to be out of whack after getting off bc and not continuing with another form. it's always a good idea to test your self though if you miss 2 periods in a row. testing after every missed period could get expensive. good luck with everything!


kim - April 29

I have a lot of experience with irregular cycles and no you do not ovulate when you have no period. I had no period for 3 years and never ovulated once. My DR. said you can't ovulate without your period.


erica - April 29

Wrong information. You can ovulate and have no period. It happens alot of times.


katy - April 29

yes you can ovulate without a period i did and i could tell by my cm


julie - May 19

hello,i get my period like every 3 months and i been ttc for like 15months,and nothing and i had the hsg test and everything was good ,y does that mean that i dont ovulate everymonth?


Shari - May 20

I'm in the same boat as you all it seems. I have irregular periods. I can go months without having one be regular for a few and then not have one for 3 months. Sooo frustrating. I've been checked out and everything checks out fine, so I have no idea what to do about it. I could take fertility drugs, but I really wanted to get pg on my own. I've done it once so I know it can be done. Funny thing is when I wasn't ttc I was regular for like a whole year. The very month we started ttc I missed my period and the next and the next and the next. No, I am not pg, just screwed up. Makes no sense. I'm thinking maybe I'm just trying to hard, I don't know. Sorry this is so long I'm just very frustrated. I'd love to talk to people going through this too. I know I really need support so imagine you all do too. Good luck to everyone, and tons and tons of baby dust. We need it!!!!



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