Can You Ovulate If Levels Aren T Down From Previous M C

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AshleyB - January 15

Hi, It's been 2wks since I had a d&c from a m/c at 11wks. I know my hcg isn't down yet from that because I tested positive on a pg. test 2days ago. But I think I may have ovulated. I had alot of cm and symptoms of ovulation. Is it possible to ovulate if your levels (hcg, beta,etc.) have not gone back to zero yet?


AshleyB - January 15



AshleyB - January 16

surely someone must have some info for me.


Lin - January 16

Well, I know a lot of the people on here are in the US, and it's a holiday weekend. I wouldn't be surprised if you only have a couple replies before Tuesday. I wish I could help you.


AshleyB - January 16



gen - January 17

Well i had a miscarriage in Nov. '05 but I did not have a D&C. I remember ovulating because your body is trying to get back to normal again. When AF came i was in excruciating pain, but after it was over i was back to normal. So the answer to your question is yes it is possible to ovulate, your body is going through so much, it is all mixed up and will do things that you dont expect it to do. I hope that helped, if it didnt then sorry.


AshleyB - January 17

Thanks Gen. How long after your loss did you ovulate?


AshleyB - January 20

thought maybe I"d try again after the holiday weekend. Anyone have any answer's or advice? It's now 3wks since d&c.


Grandpa Viv - January 21

Ashley, your hCG should be way down about 2 weeks after m/c. If your urine tests are still positive and getting stronger as the days go by, you are likely pregnant again. Good luck


AshleyB - January 21

Thanks Grampa viv, I'm going to test again tonight to see if it will still say positive. It's been 3wks and 1day since the d&c. I've heard it can take a while to come down. But the drs never made me have any more blood tests after the d&c. Just had a checkup 2wks later and they said everything looked good. I was under the impression that as soon as the baby dies, your levels start going down. Is this true. My baby measured 2wks behind me so that means it died 2wks prior to my u/s. Anyway with that said I thought my hcg would be down because of that. I didn't think is was possible to ovulate and have a positive test before 2wks after a d&c. I'm so confused on what my body is doing.



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