Can You Read A Pregnancy Test After 10 Minutes

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Carrie - October 24

I took a test and for a faint positive. The problem is I read the test after 10 minutes(got caught up doing something else). Should you not read after 10 minutes? Can you mis-read a test that is really neg after 10 minutes?


... - October 24

the box says disregaurd, but I got a bfp after 10 mins and went to the dr and got a pos blood test, I had a mc in march.


To Carrie - October 24

No, you aren't supposed to do that. Since you didn't realize the time and it's only a faint line, it probably is an evaporation line. I would wait 3 days and test again to be sure. Next time, set a timer to remind yourself.


Don't - October 24

They say not to read them after ten minutes for a reason - evaporation lines. If it is positive before ten minutes is up, then you can still look at it after ten minutes, but if it is negative before ten minutes, you are probably seeing an evap line after ten minutes.


kandi - October 25

last time i was preg i had faint positives at about 20minutes and i was pregnant. And when i havent been pregnant, the test has stayed negative, so i think you could be in with a chance


carrie - October 25

Took 3 tests in 24 hours. I read them all within 10 minutes. Each time I got a faint positive within 3-5 min. Does that mean it is positive for sure?


Shannon - October 25

Carrie...if you seen a faint postive within 3-5 mins than my best guess is yes you are pg. i would schedule a appointment with your dr to confirm...congrats to you!!


kandi - October 25

congrats carrie!!!!!!! i would say you are pregnant.


carrie - October 26

Not pregnant anymore. I had a chemical pregnancy already. Very upset.


kandi - October 26

so sorry to hear that Carrie. my heart really goes out to you. i had a m\c in june and i think i am going through one again now, but really am not sure. since i would probably only be 4 weeks and a couple of days. i had faint pos on my preg tests and had alot of the symptoms. now my cramps are quite bad and have lower back pain and am bleeding alot. it could just be af, but i know my body and i have a feeeling that something is up. i guess i will find out soon enough. Again, Carrie, im so very very sorry to hear that. We can go through this togehter if you like xxoo


carrie - October 27

They say if you have a faint positive then get af, it is usually a chemical pregnancy/mc. I had the same symptoms as you. AF has been a lot with clots. Really terrible. I don't know when I will try again.


Em - October 27

Carrie and Kani, I am so sorry for your losses. I lost a baby at 10 weeks. It sucks no matter how far along you are. I didn't have the unfortunate experience of pa__sing the baby on my own. I had what they call a missed m/c. The baby had died but my body was not disposing of. I had to have a medical prodecdure called a d& sorry for your loss.


kandi - October 27

i have had a fair bit of clotting too but i have not pa__sed any tissue. in a very early m\c do yoiu pa__s still pa__s tissue or not? because they say it is often mistaken with a period. When i was 8 weekds i pa__sed tissue but the dr got the rest out before i got to see anymore, so i really dont know what to expect, especially this early in a pregnancy. i have not yet been to the doctor. i think it would be too late anyhow now. any help about the whole tissue thing i would really appreciate it. thanks ;,(


aimee - October 27

wat the f*** erica. have a bit of consideration for these people going through a hard time at the moment. The question is there ok, pleople can choose to answer it or they can choose not. if people choose to not answer it ERICA that is their own decisions and they dont have to make rude remarks like yours to make matters worse. keep your insensitive thoughts to yourself. have a bit of respect.


aimee - October 27

take your stupid remarks elsewhere then. What exactly is the stupid question anyway erica?? what are you doing on this forum? This forum is all about advice and going through hard times ok. not a forum to go and put others down. well you got one thing right. you did post a dumb answer that is for sure!


erica - October 27

yes and she posted a stupid question.Maybe you are so uptight because you dont read things too?I can post what i want where i want and u cannot stop me if u dont like it than dont read it.It is that simple.


aimee - October 27

this is what i was asking. what is the stupid question?? no need to get so worked up over somebody elses question. exactly erica, if you didnt like the question, you didnt have to read it, you didtn have to answer it. dont use someone elses misfortune as an excuse for your att_tude problem



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