Can You Still Have Your Period And Be Pregnant

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Jamie - September 30

I had my period last month for about 3 days and it was also 5 days late. Could I be pregnant eventhough i started my period?


Viv - September 30

Not likely, unless you have symptoms of early pregnancy. Some women do have bleeding in the first trimester.


beth - September 30

i had my period but i was late it was spost to come on the 24 25 th but it cam on the 27 28 th am i alright?


sum1 - September 30

you're alright!!1 periods don't always come on the exact day you plan on having it.


Latisha - October 1

I had my period last month for abouth 3 or 4 days but it was very lite some days I did not even bleed. And my periond is suppose to last 6 days


Jade - October 2

Yes, although 97% of the time it means you're not, there still is a possibility that you could be preggers. My boyfriends mother had her period for the first 3 months she was pregnant with him. If you're really unsure, take a test.


Abi - October 3

I had a period in my first pregnancy right at the beginning. My husband and I had been trying for a baby so I was upset when I got it. However, when it finished, I said to my husband that I just 'knew' I was pregnant for some reason and went up stairs to do a pregnancy test. Sure enough it was positive. The period was normal & on time yet I was pregnant! Had no more after that one though. Good Luck.


heidi - October 4

can you get your normal period the entire pregnancy??


Suzanne - October 10

my husband and I have been trying for a baby. We had s_x 2 days before my period. My period started very light and was 1 day late is there anyway that I could still be pregnant?


ellee - October 21

it can happen just be careful


oneka - October 21

i am like u i had my period for one day only and now iam late this month so it is likely u could be pregnant


Sleepy - October 26

me and my boyfriend had been having s_x...i started my period late...but i been having long do i have to wait to know if iam really pregnant?


amanda - October 26

so if you have a normal period..for 5 months or so after you could have gotten pregnant.then you arent pregnant? i mean, 5 or so monhts into the pregnancy could u be having perfectly normal periods


m - October 26

I know a lady that had periods the first 4 months of her pregnancy. She didn't even know she was pregnant until she was halfway there!! No pregnancy signs or anything like that. Well, not until she was over 4 months along. So absolutely it can happen!!


.. - October 26

so whats the furthest along in pregnancy that u can still hve normal period and not know u are pregnant


amandaK - November 4

same here~usually i have a perfect cyle but this month i was 5 days late and its really light~its never been like that before and i have headaches all the time and my b___st are sore, so could i still be pregnant?


Kareena - November 4

Yes you can be pregnant and have your period, although it very unlikely. I have a sister who had her period her whole pregnancy



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