Canker Sores Sign Of Pregnancy HELP

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Mollie - October 19

Hi- Just wondering if anyone experienced canker sores in early pregnancy. I read that they may be caused by a hormonal imbalance. Just wondering ...any insight would be greatly appreciated!


Help? - October 19

im having the same symptom...any thought?


Mollie - October 19

I do get a canker sore at least once a year...however my husband and I are ttc and i wondered if there was any relation. i am 7dpo...what about you?


Help? - October 19

I agree. I experienced unprotected s_x two weeks ago, then a week and a half ago on multiple occasions. I am not trying, but it wouldnt be the worst thing to happen:). I experienced a light period this past weekend, much shorter than normal and lighter, no brown discharge so im not sure if thats part of an early pregnancy. I have canker soars as well, cramping, pains on my right side, heartburn and headaches so ya, its alot and im thinking maybe? who knows


Lisa - October 20

I get canker sores a lot and I've never been pregnant. I usually get them right around the time of my period, almost every other month. It sucks!!!!! I went to the doctor and he said they really have no idea what causes canker sores so there's nothing they can do to help me :( I never heard of them as a sign of pregnancy but I could be wrong. Good luck to you!


kb - October 20

I get canker sores once a month right before my period. This is very common to happen to young women right before their period. This is due to the hormones. Also women who are pregnant and typically experience a lot of canker sores will not have any. So I would say no- canker sores are more indicative of getting your period shortly and not being pg.


Mollie - October 20

What if you never have canker sores? And don't your hormones change at pregnancy? I think it could indicate either


TO MOLLY - October 20

What are canker sores??


Canker Sores Are... - October 20

blisters inside your mouth usually on the inside of your lip. These are not caused by a virus and are not contageous. These should not be confused with cold sores which are caused by viruses and are contageous. From my research I have found that they are thought to be caused from stress, eating something your body reacts to or a hormone imbalance. Since I generally never get them, I was wondering if this was a sign of pregnancy (change in homrmone balance). Hope this helps!


Jill - October 20

I've heard of that-keep us posted on the turnout


to mollie - October 21

i think canker sores are stress related mostly


Terri - October 21

I get canker sores all the time! In fact I have one on my tongue now and it is killing me. I have figured out how i get mine: I grind and bite on my gums and tongue in my sleep! Ever since I got my wisdom teeth (all 4) I get them a lot more.



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