Cant Find Any Answers On The Net About This Strange Thing

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dallas.nicole - August 2

I'm going to forewarn all of you ahead of time, this is a definite TMI post lol I am am avid cervix checker and have been for a few years now. I have the textbook cervix! Except this month. Af is due anytime now and today it is high (or so I thought) after checking I went on to urinate and just because I hadn't taken note of whether it was open or closed, proceeded to check its low? Is this normal? I know the uterus sits above the bladder (from extensive research) but didn't know it was directly affected by the bladder itself. I have had 2 pregnancies, both ending in miscarriage (one mmc and d&c may 2011) and with each my cervix literally flew up and in an anteverted position even before af was due. Neither of which showed positive on an hpt until I was a week late. That being the case, I can't just poas to ease my mind lol I have bloodwork Thursday for recurrent pregnancy loss in which I cannot be pregnant and have accurate results. So I'm a little stressed about that because getting pregnant is NOT a problem (ob/gyn actually makes jokes telling dh not to stand down wind of me during ovulation) ;) its just carrying full term I have issues with. Anyone else have a weird cervix? Does it normally raise and drop with urination? Mine tilts toward the front sometimes too, especially during pregnancy. Here are some more details to avoid excessive question asking. CP low, firm, open (af? Yess!) Today CP higher, softer, still open? Until I went potty. (still no af) 13 dpo Due for af anytime! Help me out girlies!


shanna2032 - August 6

I too am an avid cervix checker. I have had an off month, but mine is high, soft, and closed and i had a very faint positive line on a test, but we'll have to see tomorrow if it truly was positive or a defective test.


dallas.nicole - August 7

I got 3 negative results and started my "period" less than 5 minutes ago. I hope it gets heavier and doesn't end up being spotty or light. to have a baby would be wonderful! But I don't want the blood tests to be compromised :( and contracts! Any line, faint or not, means pregnant! Happy and healthy 9 months to you! Next month will hopefully be our month :)


dallas.nicole - August 7

Contracts was supposed to say congrats! lol stupid ato correctu



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