Cant Find My Other Thread Its Happy

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happy - October 5

hi ladies! just wanted to update you...i got my BFP!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!! i am so happy! thank you ladies for all of your support, and constant encouragement, it really kept me from freaking out! i have my 1st doctor appointment on thursday, so i will keep you posted on that, it wont be too much, it is just with the nurse, but still....YAY, i am so happy! take care ladies, and keep in touch, i would love to hear how you are all doing. thanks again!


patty - October 5

congrats !!!!!!!!!! now---the usual -the questions---how many dpo did you test ? any symptoms or just your missed period was your only symptom. and is your cm -wet-normal-or dry ? did you spot before testing? etc....have a happy , healthy 9 months !


patty - October 5

ooohhhh---and how long were you ttc ?


heather - October 5

hey happy I knew you were preggo.. I'm so happy for you do you have any idea how far along you are.. well I'm going to the doctor on friday for my fist appt. but im 7 weeks 3 days and my due date is may 21 2006. ya for the both of us ..I'm so glad.. tell me how do you feel? hopefully not sick.. well let me know. how many days were you late.. what kind of test did you take.. you must dish it all. ok well talk to ya later. congrates..


happy - October 5

hey heather and patty! i really dont have too many signs, which kind of concerns me. i have very sore b___sts, and i have some mild cramping, and i am EXTREAMLY tired, i could seriously sleep all day if i wanted lol. heather i was 20 days late before i got a BFP, so i am hoping that i just ovulated around the 20th, and that is why i was so late before getting a BFP. other than that, i feel ok, i get nauseous (sp) at times, but (knock on wood) i have not thrown up yet lol. i guess that i would be either 5 weeks, or 2 weeks, i guess we will have to wait and see what the nurse says tomorrow, so i will let you know. take care, and talk to you again soon!


patty - October 6

wow ! you were 20 days late for af when you got a bfp ! what test brands did you use before the bfp ? (when you were getting bfn). you just gave me hope. i am 5 days late for af-tested this morning-got a bfn---good luck !


heather - October 6

good luck happy. I sometimes get a little sick to my stomic but I also have not actually thrown up.. sometimes I think that It would be better than felling sick.. but when I feel sick it's at night . werird .. good luck girlz.


happy - October 6

hey patty. i was using an equate brand, and also the digital read out test, and first response, and i got a negative with the first response, 4 days before i got a postive, so who knows, in my other thread, i posted about late ovulation, and i really think that is what happened...either way, i am pregnant now, and that is all that i care about lol...i am so happy! take care! heather, being sick at night is actually normal, so dont be too concerned, in fact the day before i took this last test, i felt so sick, i almost made myself throw up, but decided not to lol. good luck to you too, i will let you know what the docs say about how far along i am when i go later today. have a great day! talk to you both soon!


Jaime - October 6

Hi happy. CONGRATS!!!! I got my BFP too!!! YAH!!! remember I was the one who thought I must have ovulated twice and then found out that I just ovulated late with the opk. Anyway, Ya I am so excited!!! for us. Thank you for responding to me and your encouragment. Hope to chat with you again on the first trimester threads. Heres to a healthy happy symptom free pregnancy.



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