Cant Get A Test What Are My Chances

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shaelynn - December 4

hi i live out in boonieville and i live 50 minutes away from the nearest pharmacy or anywhere that would carry a test and im going to get one this week but it wont be till probly friday and im going crazy with the wait.... i have really sore bbs with veins all over, im naseas and dizzy, extremly tired even after waking up, eating a ton and not gaining anywhere except my belly is a little more squishy (and usually if i pig out i gain a lot of weight) and i keep feeling cramps like af but no af and it feels kinda more like stuff is streching rather than af cramping.... what do u think my chances are? thnx


Colleen - December 4

Veiny bbs are a sure sign of pregnancy as well as nausea and dizziness. chances are really high that you're pregnant. good luck!!!


Patti - December 4

You certainly have a lot of pregnancy signs! Are you late?


Grandpa Viv - December 4

With a bunch of signs like that I would be on my way to the prenatal clinic at the Health Department. Stop at Walmart on the way to pick up some prenatal vitamins. he folic acid helps prevent birth defects if taken early. Good luck!


shaelynn - December 4

thanks so much :) im going to try to get to a dr this week there is a clinic about an hour away ahh!! but ill go asap im scared i was preggo last year and i ended up mc so im kinda scared :(


Lin - December 4

It's sounds like time for you to check into eBay. You can get tests and vitamins and lots of other things on there for very cheap and have them delivered to your door (I paid $10 for 10 tests, including shipping). There are also loads of inexpensive tests online on other websites. So you've obviously got a computer out there. Do you have a mailbox, too, or do you just have a post office box? Anyway, it's a bit late for this time, but I'd check it out if I were you. If you're that far out there, it's much easier to just get things delivered in the regular mail. I'd definitely follow Grandpa Viv's advice, though, and get those prenatal vitamins while you're in town!



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