Cats And First Trimester

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Dani - April 22

I have two adult cats. One used to be an indoor / outdoor cat and was know for occasional hunting (birds.) And our other cat has only been indoor. I'm wondering what precautions I need to take as I'm 4 weeks pregnant now. I know to not change the litter box, but what else should I be aware of???


Mel - April 22

Hey...i am 7 weeks pregnant and I have 5 cats. Ive always had cats my whole life...:o). Yeah, the litter box is one thing to avoid. As for other things, since your cat is an outdoor cat (i think thats what you said, right?) i would really watch what he brings in the house and wouldnt let him lick you. Who knows what he's coming in contact with outside! But I think that's pretty much the extent of what you need to worry about.


Dani - April 22

Mel, actually I had one that was an outdoor / indoor cat, but he's been an indoor cat for 2 yrs now. I was just wondering what precautions I should take because he used to be an outdoor cat. thanks for your help


kim - April 22

There is a disease that you can get from cats when you are pregnant, I can't remember what it is called. This can make your baby very sick, but most people who have cats already have this disease which means your body is already immune to it. Thats is what my Dr. told me when I was pregnant with my 2nd. He said not to worry b/c I have always been around cats so my body would be immune to it, and so would the baby. Other then that I just would stay away from there litter.


Dani - April 22

Kim, do you think being around cats for 2yrs is long enough?


Lynette - April 23

Basically you need to avoid any contact with faecal matter. Besides avoiding the litter, you should wash your hands after patting your cats because they lick their fur after cleaning themselves "there". If your cat goes to the toilet outside, make sure you wear gloves while you are gardening. Look up toxoplasmosis on google and it should give you all the information you need. But like Kim said, if you have had cats for a while, you probably already have immunity. Good luck with your pregnancy.


ritz - April 23

You need to think of the baby's safety . Keep the cats away from the child when not monitoring. Keep the bedroom door closed so that the cats cannot sleep with the baby. (ie suffercation) I had a cat with my first pregnancy and had no problem with the cat. Although she liked to sleep in the crib when baby was not in it. 5 will be more challenging



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