Cats And Pregnancy

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Curious - March 24

I have a Q re: Cats... if your pregnant and you have cats, do they tend to be more loving ie: clingy, always have to be around u? things like that.. Also can they sense when some one is pregnant?


jj - March 24

i heard that they can but not sure if that is true or not


jena - March 24

it's an old wives' tale - i wouldn't be surprised though - animals have that instinct.


mulgajill - March 25

My black & white cat knows... he lays on my chest when i have been pregnant and puts his nose on my chin.... might take note of his actions instead of the hpt's this time round now i come to think of it... :-)


D - March 25

My cat won't leave me alone. She has to sleep on me or next to me every moment. She wasn't this way before....


Mom of One - March 25

I had a cat during my first pregnancy. One night while my hubby was deployed my cat kept scratching to get in my room so i let him in...and i dozed off and next thing i know i woke up to him in my face hissing with his claws out. I screamed at him to get away from me(never had he done this before) and next thing i knew he jumped on my and scratched the heck out of my arm(still have the scar) and my leg and knee....I locked him in the bedroom and ran outside screaming. I got help of course but the next morning i had animal control come and take the cat.(i slept in my car all night)... So to make a long story short i do believe that cats can sense when you are pregnant. SOme cats are ok with it and some just arent. I know that I will never trust a cat again.


Zora - March 25

I'm almost 7 weeks pg, and I have 2 cats and am quite close to them, but I don't think they have been behaving differently (may be because they follow wherever I go regardless). I've heard that some cats become more friendly when their human mummies are pg, some just stay as they are.


louise - March 25

when pregnant you cannot empty a litter tray is all i know, it can cause toxoplasmosis which can cause you to miscarry even very early on.


Lynn - March 26

My tests still say I'm not pregnant, But my cats say otherwise! My female cat keeps trying to groom me. My younger male cat keeps trying to sit on me (usually he only does that when I'm on the computer). My older male cat (who usually is not very affectionate) keeps trying to groom me and knead me, as well as sleeping right next to me every night. I wonder if they know something the tests don't?


bump - March 30



Terry - April 2

My cat became a real mush.


Jes - April 2

I'm really not a cat person, but since my BF moved in he brought his male cat along. The cat, Dude, really hasn't warmed up to me much. But the past few days he seems really lovey. Last night he was rubbing up against me forever and purring constantly. I usually don't let him sleep on the bed, but last night he just wouldn't stay down. So I finally gave in. He insisted on using my leg as a pillow. We'll find out if it's related when I take a HPT. I'm waiting for 4/9



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