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twotimesthecharm - January 23

Hi is there anyone out there that is using the CBFM and have been success. This is my 3rd cycle using the CBFM and have yet to get a peak on my monitor, but I am ovulating according to my temps. I thought I would start a post to chat with other CBFM users so we can share stories.


Megan - January 23

Hi twotimes, I just started using mine today. I used the monitor 3 years ago and it helped me conceive (of course I also had the help of clomid too). Hoping I'll have the same success this go around.


twotimesthecharm - January 23

Did you notice if you had a lot of high days? The first cycle I had 5 Lows and 11 Highs and 0 Peak, but I ovulated according to my temps. Then, cycle 2 I had 2 lows and 11 highs and even a high 4DPO. I don't know but this cycle I am going to use OPK and the monitor.


twotimesthecharm - January 23

Megan what cycle day are you on. I am on CD6. I didn't even turn on my monitor because I wanted wait until after my b/w on CD9.


Megan - January 23

I know that for the first cycle or two the monitor learning your cycles. I would think with this cycle it should show you a peak day. I believe when I used it the time I was successful in getting pregnant the same thing happened with me. I'm only on CD1 and I have 25 day cycles. Stupid question, what does b/w stand for?


coxm3 - January 23

Meg - b/w stands for blood work. I am on CD5 with my monitor and this is the first month I have used it. I think tomorrow it should ask me for a urine test. I normally have 27-28 day cycles.


Megan - January 23

twotimes- you didn't turn on your monitor today or for the month? I thought you had to start it by day 5 because it asks you to insert a test stick starting on day 6.


twotimesthecharm - January 24

Hi Megan, I turned my monitor on to reset; however, this morning was the first time I turned it on for testing. It asked for a stick, low reading was the result. I know that last cycle I start getting high reading on CD8, I don't know if it will be the same way this cycle. Coxm3 are you still reading low on your monitor?


LS - January 24

hi ladies, if you-know-who shows her nasty face in the next few days i'll be starting with the CBFM next month - I'll let you guys know so we can all compare notes.... good luck & baby dust to all of you!


coxm3 - January 24

Today was the first day it asked for a test, CD6. It was a low reading. I wonder how sensitive they are? I wonder if they adjust to your hormone levels as time goes on?


LS - January 26

Hey everyone - AF is here in full force and I'm on CD1 in the CBFM...... I read the info last night - seems like it takes the monitor a little while to get used to you so getting no peak days the first time.... I think it always asks for the first reading on day 6 until it knows for sure that your cycles are long.... I guess I'll learn along with you..... good luck!


twotimesthecharm - January 26

LS sorry about af, but here's to the Valentine BFPs. Well I am on my 3rd cycle of using the monitor and I got like 10 highs no peak the 1st cycle, 12 highs no peak the 2nd cycle, but the b/w showed I indeed ovulated. Not sure, but I hope that I get a peak soon. I am really ready to get that BFP. Coxm3, don't get discourage about seeing a few lows, keep bding every other day. Well for me I am on CD9 and had my b/w done today to see if I will be ovulating this cycle. I think so, since my monitor is already reading high since yesterday. Wish me luck ladies


coxm3 - January 27

I am still getting a low reading on my CBFM, but I am only on CD9. I think I Oed around CD13 last month. Twotimes, do you O early in the cycle? I can't remember. Should I be using OPKs with the monitor?


Megan - January 27

Hi Cox, I'm going to use the opks this month because I know the monitor is still getting used to my cycle and I want to make sure I catch that O!!


twotimesthecharm - January 28

Coxm I agree with Megan, still use the OPK until the monitor get use to you. The cycle I start with high on CD8 I did ovulated early. I hope that it happens this time.


twotimesthecharm - January 28

Coxm3, Megan and LS here's the link to the chart that I told you about the sticks. I am sure you can view without being a paying member. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/e86ef


twotimesthecharm - January 30

I got my peak, I got my peak, I got my peak!!!!! YYYYYEEEESSSS!!! I am so excited. This is my 3rd cycle using the CBFM and this is the first time I see the eggie!!!!! I am on CD13 so a lot of bding will be going on everyday until I get a low on the monitor!!!



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