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babydust25 - May 6

Hey ladies..ok so I am on cd26. I came off bcp in Feb and since then my cycles have been 33,27 and 35 days long. So I cant be sure about O or exact day AF is supposed to come, but I know we definately bd around the right time because im pretty sure we did it every day or atleast every other day all month. Anyways so maybe its wishful thinking but for the past week and a half I have had nausea, this morning hubby made me breakfast and I couldnt even eat it (which is not like me I'm a BIG eater) Ive had headaches,abdominal cramps which are especially bad today, and also been extremely gassy with a bit of diahrrea. I would swear I was pg but the only thing thats gettin me is that I have absolutely no soreness in my bbs or nipples..usually before AF they are pretty sore. Do you think it is too early to test??? I would think so but at the same time I think that if I am feeling this bad it seems like the test would work by now.... PLz any one with any ideas??


babydust25 - May 6

Have also had frequent urination and fatigue...


babydust25 - May 6

what cd have you ladies got bfps??


fltjt705 - May 7

I had tested 5 days before af was supposed to show and got a faint line with my last pregnancy. It's possible you could be pg, go ahead and test since your on cd26 and then test in a weeks time if that one comes back neg but you till suspect you pg. Good luck, lots of babydust to you


babydust25 - May 7

Thank you...well I some how made it w/o testing last night so now its cd27, I really want to wait but...omg Its so hard! It could very well be less than 5 days from af though so I really want to try but then again I think I should wait until morning to use first urine..... ARRGGH has anyone been pg and not had sore bbs??


Lax - May 7

Hi... I am coming back onto this forum after a few months. I was constantly visiting this forum before to check preggo symptoms. Now I came here mainly to share my experiences (symptoms) as I am 11 weeks pregnant now. To start with, I tested on CD 29. My period was due the next day. I and DH were so tired of charting the basal temp, testing and getting negatives and looking for symptoms and decided to actually take a break and not do any kind of monitoring of my body changes that month... and guess what, I became pregnant the same month when I gave up all my hopes.. So yeah... there is hope.. I would say, just relax and you will get the news.. atleast in my case it worked. Coming to the symptoms, I am having none. Except sore b___bs getting worse during night, I have no other symptoms at all... Ofcourse, every body is different. My CD 29 blood work came back with 158 hcg count. So I think, if I had tested 4 days before that also, I would have gotten a faint positive. But I waited until 1 day before my period was due. Sorry for long response.


clindholm - May 7

Babydust- I didn't get the sore bb's til about 6 weeks pg. I also got a bfn at 10 dpo and then bfp after af was late. Also had the usual af cramps for about a week, kept waiting for it to some and no-show. There is hope! good luck!


cblack - May 7

babydust... I dont remember getting sore bbs till near the end of my pregnancy when they started getting much bigger. Then the hurt like h*** when my milk came in and I started b___st feeding. But I dont remember much soreness or even tenderness when I was pg. Especially not in the beginning trimester or even in the second ( I dont think so anyway). But like Lax said, every body is different. Good luck to you, and hopefully you will get your bfp!


babydust25 - May 8

Thank you soo much ladies...I tried to relax the past two days and keep busy so tomarrow will be cd28 which I would say is an accoplishment have still felt quite a bit of nausea and it especially comes in the evenings, I've also still had some cramping that was pretty constant all day...sometimes more of like an ache in my lower abdomen. Well AF could be due anywhere from cd30 - 35 at the very latest so it STILL might be too early : ( maybe I can hold off one day but we'll see I was thinking about just going and buying a 3pk of cheapies to ease my mind for a couple days.... My symptoms are so similar to AF though minus I dont have sore i am kinda trying to talk myself out of the fact that I could be pg so that I am not too dissapointed......



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