CD 10 Anyone Close Want To Chat

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mom_of_1 - November 2

Just additiced to checking of O signs wanting to chat with anyone close to O and then through the 2ww


Bren1367 - November 2

Hi! I am on cd9 and I usually ov on cd13 or 14. My body is kinda crazy this month because I have been having ewcm at least once or twice a day since cd5. Don't know what that's all about. Do you chart temps or watch cm and cp? I have been ttc for 5 years and I used to only watch for fertile cm and use opk's, but now I decided to chart temps for 1 year and also checking everything else. The cm and cp is kind of confusing and getting up at 5:30 am every day is a total pain in the b___t. I hope it works because it's almost more stressful than what we did before. I also bought preseed to try this month. Maybe that will help. TTYL! Baby dust!


mom_of_1 - November 2

Hi there...Well I am actually cd11 not 10. And my body is all outa wack, I had my IUD removed on 10-1 so we could start TTC for #2. Last month had tons of symptoms, tempted and charted and check CM and so stressful, then when af showed I got really upset. so trying to be alittle more relaxed about it this month. Last month I o'd about cd16 so not sure when this month. I have been checking cm and cp since cd 7 and today cp is medium/high and feeling softer plus increase in wet/creamy cm. So I am hoping we are getting close :) we have been bd every other night since cd6 so.....hopefully we will get it this month :) I have heard good things about the preseed...lots of women say it works! If it doesnt happen this month I might have to get long is your cycle? I am back on track with 29 days. ***BABY DUST***


Bren1367 - November 3

Hello! My cycle is usually 26 or 27 days. Now on cd10, we bd'd last night and will skip tonight then we will shoot for every day from cd11 to cd15 or 16. If we can do that. It doesn't always work out like I want it to. I think next month, I'm not going to worry about cm and cp. I catch myself checking way more than I need to. It's getting obsessive. I'll just keep temping and see how that goes. I had a m/c in June and I really hope God will bless us with another baby soon. Baby Dust!


mom_of_1 - November 5

I know what you mean. Its like you cant help it, you gotta know, and you dont want to miss a change. Well I am on cd 14 today, and not sure but think I may have O'd yesterday.....Well just to be safe we started bd'ing on cd11 and have been everyday since. I didnt think I would O till cd 16 so we will keep bd'ing the next few days just in case! I am really impatient and want our little ones to be close :) plus if it doesnt happen this month we are skipping next month (our dd birth day is 08-30 and I dont want two that close) so we will wait till Jan if this isnt our month :) ****BABY DUST****


mom_of_1 - November 7

OK, well I am pretty positive I O'd yesterday (for sure this time) I had the twinges and ewcm, and cp was very high and soft. So I am really hoping we get a sticky little bean this month! Cheri predicted Nov/ heres to hoping she is right!



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