Cd 17 No Ovulation

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me - July 26

Hello everyone: Has any of you seemed to have skipped ovulation, and then found out you conceived that cycle? My cervix has not gotten soft like normal with ovulation, and I don't think I've had the ovulation CM either. Maybe the sperm was waiting in the tube (bd'd a few days before I was expecting ovulation) for the egg and fertilized it right away, so I haven't has the normal ovulation signs???? What do you think, just withful thinking or probable??? Thank-you in advance for your comments.


me - July 26

opps. . . I meant to say "wishful thinking".


bump - July 27



Mica - July 27



me - July 27

Anyone have some input? Today is cd 18 still no ovulation. Any comments would be helpful. THANKS


me - July 27

Grandpa Viv--any input? PLEASE ANYONE need some help here; I know you can't tell me if I'm pregnant, I just have to wait to find that out. I'm just wondering if anyone has experince with this or has any input!


me - July 27



Hi - July 27

I think sometimes women just ovulate early, late, or not at all for some reason. I didnt ovulate until cd 20 this month and I am on a 26 day cycle. So now I dont know if I should expect af at normal time or not? Im very regular so I would a__sume so... Anyways I hope that helps. Is you cervix raising like you are getting ready to ovulate?


me to Hi - July 27

Thanks for responding. My cervix has stayed high since my last cycle, but definatly not soft like usually at ovulation. Maybe you're right and I'll just ovulate late this cycle. My understanding is that your af won't come until 14 days after ovulation, no matter what day you ovulate on. Oh well, maybe I won't have a af a soon as normal this time. That's not so bad.-------------------------------------I can't stop wondering if this could be because I conceived this cycle, though. I'd like a girl and therefore bd 2-3 days before expected ovulation. They say you're more likely to get a boy if you bd right on with ovulation.-----------Wow, you didn't ovulate until cd 20. I wonder if af will come 6 days late for you.?



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