Cd 2 How Exciting

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lanislee - May 18

Hi there ladies. Well, after my 1 month of birth control my period started yesterday and I'm now on cd 2, so we're very excited because we're on our way to trying again after the mc. I'm going to use opk's, are there certain ones that are better than others? I've never used them before so if anyone has any advice about them, let me know!! Thanks for the advice in advance!! Good luck ladies!


andesue - May 19

Well, we are on the same cd.... good luck to you! Don't know anything about opk's.... never used 'em before. *baby dust* to you:)


Naomi98 - May 19

Hi Lanislee, I remember you from the bfp countdown thread. Hope you get your bfp soon. Don't know anything about opk's either...except that they don't work for me :-) Babydust!


clare41 - May 19

Hi Lanislee...I'm CD 12 and today got a 'smiley face' on the clear blue digital OV test. It's the only OPK I've used and I did so because I could not deal with those lines, one or two, dark or light, neg or positive. The clearblue ones just give you a circle or a circle with a smiley face in it. However they are expensive and also are digital and therefore should be recycled the right way--those are the two downsides. The upside is they work for lots of people. I don't get 2-days of smileys though, just one, I have shorter LH surge apparently. I'm only TTC cycle 3 and twice I have gotten smiley face (once I didn't test at right time and missed it). I also had ewcm today but I don't know I would have looked for it if I didnt' have smiley face. So for me, they work. But I'malso using fertility monitor by the same company and it didn't show a 'peak' fertility day yet, only "high" so I'll be curious to see what it says tomorrow. Meanwhile I have a friend who is 13 weeks and never got a smiley face and also had several negative HPTs while she was PG! I'd get the Clear Blue and overtest at the start to figure out when you are OV, then the next month you can test just 3 or 4 days to find the smiley face. Hope that helps...I'm hoping this month to get it right......GOOD LUCK...


Tiggy - May 20

Hi lanislee! Welcome back! I've used the Conceive brand (on sale) and I could see my surge right away (just kinda knew too) however, I do agree with Clare that it can be confusing. I kept taking them to make sure that the line was darker and was satisfied when it started getting lighter with each day. I have a few left that I will use on certain days. I also started charting this month which is fasinating to me. To me it takes the guess work out of everything and with irregular cycles it can be VERY annoying. This past cycle was the shortest I ever had (31 days) since coming off BCP last July so hopefully something is workng :)


breezieb - May 20

Hey lanislee- I am on cd-4 and this is my first AF since I came off bc pill(April). I also took mine because of m/c and also d&c.(DEC ) I used the 1 pk of the 3mth pills Seasonique. Is this your first baby you are ttc?


lanislee - May 20

Hi girls! How is everyone doing? Well, actually this is my 2nd child ttc. We have a beautiful 2 year old boy and decided it's time he has a sibling! I think I will use the opk's but I told my husband just bd'ing everyday we should hit the right time. haha He didn't argue with that! Anyway, today is cd4 and I think I'll start the opks on cd 10 and maybe do it 2 times a day. I got a pack that has 20 but like I said we'll probably just bd every other day, seemed to work last time! Good luck to all of you. Where are you in your cycle tiggy? That's awesome that you had a shorter cycle!! Breezieb: You doctor put you on bcp's after your mc, too? I kept thinking mine was crazy but she said it kind of restarts your body and you can become pregnant easier the first 6 months off of them. I'm hoping that's the case. Is that the reason you were on them, too? Good luck girls!


Tiggy - May 21

lanislee, I am on CD11 but not expecting O until CD 16+. The last cycle suprised me. I noticed EWCM so I took an OPK and got a postive for a surge so good thing I caught it! I totally think I missed it by a day. We BD on the Friday I got the positve, missed Sat and then BD sunday and monday. Damn that day!!! lol. Ah well, anyway best of luck this cycle!!



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