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afton - June 29

i was on bc for about a year and a half. i quit taking it 2 months ago. we are using condoms for protection right now. i had my last af may 19. on may 30 we bd, and it broke. i am now on cd 42. i have very sore nipples, and very tired. no other signs. i have taken 3 hpts and all negative. but not signs of af either. before i went on bc af was always regular. i don't know what to think. anyone gone through this same thing.


Me2 - June 29

Hey Afton~I am about the same as you except that I stopped bc last march...My lmp was may 16th...BD on may 29,31, june 2,11,13...Still no af. I am not regular so I never know what to expect month 2 month...I had a neg blood test on the 20th but still no af. I bleed one day on the 23rd just enuff for just one pad and nothing else...Last night I went to the loo and when I wiped I just show a very faint pink on the tp so I am thinkin gAF will be here today or 2morrow if not by this weekend I think I will pull my hair out...this is all driving me crazy. My bb's hurt every once in a while but i just think it is the cold air making them hurt. I think maybe just going off the pill might have effect your cycle but since it didn't effect you sooner makes me wonder...I am so confused myself so I know how you feel...GOOD LUCK...


afton - June 29

Me2 it's good to know there is someone else going through the same thing. i just don't know what to think. i too am ready to pull out my hair. i also thought i might just be adjusting to going off the pill, but 2 and3 months later seems like plenty of time.


A32 - June 29

I am in the same situation. My husband and I started trying to conceive, LMP was May 29th, I purchased an O predictor and got a surge line on the 16th day of my cycle, we did the deed before that and after that too. AF was supposed to be here Sunday (June26th), she didn't show up. I took an HPT (actually I took several) and I got a BFN. Being concerned that AF was late and I am never late I went to the DR, blood test was done and DR said that I am not PG and my hormones are in not out of whack. Today is day 32 of my cycle and there is no sign of AF. I was using the O kit to make sure that I'd O and according to that I did. I got the surge line on Monday June 13th, so maybe I O that day or the day after, but we were already s_xually active regardless. I am not stressed, nothing new in my life, I haven't gained or lost a big amount of weight and I have never, ever been late except when I was PG before. Anyone has any idea what is wrong with me? I feel like the Dr is not helping me, he doesn't want to give me any drugs to make AF come because there is no hormonal imbalance. A


Me2 - June 30

Good morning ladies~Ok another day and another situation...As I wrote b4 that a faint pink showed up on tp on tuesday evening, Well, last nite after moving some boxes for my sister since she is moving,I had gone to the loo after lifting and moving and there was more then the night b4 of pink on the Panty liner. Now nothing again...Now I was wondering since I had BD'd on the 22 after the bloodwork saying negative and no O for the for the prior time. Could it be that after the test I could have O'd and could this pinkish be IB...It is cd45 for me. What do you all think. Yeah I would Have figured 2-3 months was enuff time too. Darn Bodies...A32 I hear alot of people get there BFP around dpo 15,16. When did you take the hpt and was it with FMU?


V - June 30

hi Afton- I think it takes some women a couple months for your cycle to normalize after going off bc. Do you know when you ovulated? You might just have ovulated late. This month I ovulated on the 27th day of my cycle, so AF isn't due until about day 42. On the other hand, I know that sometimes people do get pregnant soon after going off bc. Good luck to you...



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