Cd 58 No AF

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Beautiful97 - August 11

As the subject states I am currently on cd 58 with no Aunt flow.. Heres a little insight of what's been going on.. Sorry its pretty long..


I am 20 yrs young. I was on the birth control shot at age 16 up until I was 18. My last shot was Nov of 2015. The shot stopped my periods completely. Well It took until Oct of 2016 for AF to show her face again. Af showed every month since then averaging my cycles to about 28 days. My longest cycle was 34 days. Well June 15th of 2017 was my last period. I spotted for a couple of hours, if that on cd 22 (July 6th).. Color was pink and brown.. Implantation bleeding right? Well I thought so too.. So I had both urine and blood tests done on July 12th both negative. I tested again before and on the 29th those were negative. I have been very constipated, boobs feel heavy, tired, thirsty, sometimes I have an appetite and sometimes I dont. I use to get headaches from cd 30-40 but they have subsided. I have been nauseous. I went to the ER on Aug 9th because of abdominal pain and vomiting.. I was diagnosed with moderate constipation they did a urine test for xray and that was negative. Well today Aug 11th I had very little spotting for a couple of hours, if that, again. This is frustrating I wasnt stressing but now I am.. My next period is suppose to come around August 17th.. What should I do?! My obgyn appointment is September 26th! I cant wait that long!! Me and my boyfriend of 2 years are sexually active.. We do not use any contraceptives. We are not trying to get pregnant, but we are not trying to prevent either. Is or has anyone else went/ going through what I am going through?! I need some answers..


Grandpa Viv - August 11

B, I can dismiss tests on cd28 as too early, but not so easily those when two weeks late. Your signs may be due to something else like ovarian cyst or glandular malfunction. You could run another test when your next period is due - those hCG hormones keep rising in the first trimester. Other than that the September appointment is key. Sorry, that's all I got. 


Beautiful97 - August 11

Thanks Grandpa Viv.. Unfortunately my mom thinks the same thing.. That I may have a cyst on my ovaries.. Ill wait another week and test again. I really dont know at this point.. But its nothing I can do.. Except wait.. 



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