Celia Harmony Paula Dee And Rainey Over Here

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Linda - October 12

Hope you all find it!


Rainey - October 12

I found you!


Paula - October 12

I am here too!!!


Rainey - October 12

I found out today that my HCG increased from 29 to 74 which they said is good but they want to do one more blood test to check the levels again on Friday. I will keep you guys posted. Boy have I been nauseous though!


dee - October 12

i am here too. At work once again. My cervix is going up and down. More high than anything else. Sometimes during the day it goes to medium but mostly high. Any ideas?


Linda - October 13

Dee, holy cow, how often are you checking it!!! I really don't know if it means anything, I guess we'll see! Rainey GREAT news!!!!


dee - October 14

LOL. I couldnt help but laugh out loud at work. I have been really good today only checked once this morning. I had my P4 blood test today. I should just stop checking just in case i didnt even ovulate. That would be hilarious :) wouldnt it. I check every time i go to the loo.


Linda - October 14

Dee, if your co-workers only new!! How is everyone today? I'm on cd 7 and will be starting the bd ritual of every day to every other day tonight. DH has a script for a s____n a___lysis, hopefully we'll get that taken care of next week. That's it for me. Celia how are you feeling? Paula you too? You know my heart and prayers are with you both. Rainey, how's that nausa!! Harmony, how's life treating you these days?


Rainey - October 14

Nausea is still bad! I had my 3rd blood test this morning and should get the results tonight. I will keep you all posted. Good luck to you all!


dee - October 18

I ovulated... yeepee. Level was 43 on day 24. My cervix hasnt dropped either. Looking good but not getting my hopes up.


TTC - October 18

Hey, I just wanted to say hi because my name is Rainie and I've never come across someone with the same name. Sorry to interrupt lol.


Linda - October 18

Hey girls! What's going on?? Not too much chatter lately! I'm on cd 11 and enjoying my very quiet house! My sister is out and in her new house now, so after 13 months of sharing our lives with family we are on our way back to being just us!! It's wonderful. I do miss my nieces though! Get this... dh did his dirty deed in the cup on Sat. and when we got to the lab they told us they don't take samples unless it's post vasectomy. all that hard work for nothing! The closest place they knew of was like 2 hours from my house! I said "What's he supposed to do? Do it in the car?" They got a good laugh out of it! DH says he doesn't think we've been successful because of the stress of people living with us and we should just see what happens this month. I hope he's right! Rainey, how are u feeling? Paula, you hanging in there? Celia where are you?????


Celia - October 18

Yea!! Linda peace and quiet for you... not to some serious baby making ;) Thanks for the support.... I appreciate it so much. I wouldn't know what to do without you ladies to talk to. I'm feeling much better now... still tend to tear up when i see a pregnant woman or baby but it's better. I had another thyroid scan wednesday and I go for my biopsy friday. Right now I'm not trying to get pg.. but after i get the results back from this biopsy telling me everything is ok... i will be jumping back on board. Hope everyone is doing great and working on some bfp's this month!


Paula - October 18

Hi everyone, well for me I am now 14 dpo per FF, not even sure that I ovulated that soon, which they changed it from 16 dpo on yesterday. I haven't tested yet because I am not so sure if I really want to know. I am probably going to wait until the end of this month and if no af then I will tell DH. I probably surprise him with a carved pumpkin and the test results if it is a BFP (a___logy a pumpkin for the pumpkin). Who knows. I am not feeling anyway. I felt like af was coming since Friday and still not signs of af yet so I guess that is good news. Congrats Dee, glad you ovulated and signs seem promising. Linda, what a situation. LOL. I thought I was going to fall out of my chair when I read your post. I know your DH must had been upset. Celia, glad you are feeling a little lighter in spirit. I know it is so hard after a loss, but it is so worth it to get back in it. Rainey, how was your results? Hoping that you are feeling better with the morning sickness. Sending baby dust to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rainey - October 18

Hey girls! Sorry I haven't posted - I have been on my anniversary trip to the Biltmore. It has been so relaxing except I threw up our very nice dinner right in the middle of it - had to run to our room - LOL! My test results all came back great - I have an ultrasound Monday so I will keep you posted. Since we have been going through a fertility clinic, they do everything earlier! I sure hope I have been good luck to you all! Paula, if you have the symptoms, you should test! Rainie, I have never met anyone else by that name either! Welcome!


dee - October 19

Hi girls. Feeling so tired today.Cannot keep my eyes open. Its 10 dpo do you think its too early to test? Cervix still hasnt dropped , i am due on sunday. Its my birthday on monday.


Linda - October 19

Dee, 10dpo is a little early, but some people get the BPF this early. If you don't want to drive yourself crazy I would wait. I know that sounds backwards, but if you test and it's BFN you'll be disappointed and wondering if you tested too early. I say wait. Rainey, I'm not sorry you have morning sickness, I'm jealous!!!!! Hoping for my own morning sickness soon!



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