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rainey - December 14

Paula, Ii also got horrible heartburn right away and it felkt like my uterus was falling out :)


twotimesthecharm - December 14

Hi everyone thanks so much. Well I am glad that it is not only in my head. I said this cycle I was not going to look at any signs, but they are so obvious. I plan to test on tomorrow. I will be 14DPO and I hope that it will be a BFP. I will keep you all posted.


dee - December 16

hi guys. Well well well. we might have some positives this month..wouldnt it be nice before xmas? Fingers crossed for you girls. As for me, had my blood test today, they needed me to do one before IUI. I dont think I will be able to get it this cycle due to xmas. I think i ovulated on my own this month...So AF should be here around xmas time. They are closed throughout xmas till the new year. Well time will tell. Not stressing over it at this stage. Bd'd a bit during this ovulation period so ......My dh's motility has increased however morphology has decreased.. I have no idea why though. I think i would rather morphology to be better than motility. What you guys reckon?


twotimesthecharm - December 16

Hi everyone, just wanted to check-in. For me I haven't tested yet. I plan on testing in the morning, hoping that it will be a BFP. I am now 15DPO and I have been averaging 15-17DPO since on the Clomid. I plan on not using anymore for a while. I had 6 cycles and I just want to see if I can ovulate on my own. If I am not success I will try it again later. Dee, glad to hear that you ovulated on your own. Hopefully you won't need the IUI if you get a BFP. Hoping that af stay away this Christmas. Linda, how are you. Still in the 2 ww? Rainey, has the m/s let up as of yet. Chat later.


Linda - December 16

Paula, you're killing me - I was so hoping you had tested this morning!!! Me - I am 27 days since the mc. I consider it like my cycle, because in a way that's all it was, a big, emotionally painful period. Not to say I haven't grieved - Believe me I have! I mean clinically speaking there was no reason for my body to hold onto what was inside of me anymore. So I'm PRAYING that I get af early next week and I can get moving again. Like I said, I bd'd around the time I could have o'd - if I even o'd - I don't know except that I had some ewcm last Wednesday. So to answer your question Paula, yes I'm still in the tww. Although since the mc it could be a 4ww. They say to expect your af 4-6 wks after. Paula, Rainey, when did you get af after the mc? What am I feeling? NOTHING! No sore bbs, I'm just really tired and I have a lot of gas! Two things that could mean absolutely nothing! I'll test tomorrow morning anyway though ;-) Hope you are all doing well. Dee, no biggie if you have to wait until after x-mas, at least you can enjoy the holiday - and get one last super fun New Year's Eve!!


jeanette - December 16

Hi girls! Just wanted to pop in all the threads and wish you good luck and God bless all of you ttc....Merry Christmas!!


rainey - December 18

Sorry guys - had some technical difficulties. Linda, I had af 3 weeks after my m/c so I was lucky - I didn'y have to wait very long. Paula, my m/s is finally sunsided, I think. It has been 4 days and I still feel good so I am keeping my fingers crossed - thanks for asking. Have you tested yet??????


twotimesthecharm - December 20

Hi everyone, well I tested on Saturday and a BFN at 16DPO, so I thought for sure af would be hear, but my temps are still up and I am now 19DPO. I plan on testing again on Friday. I will keep you all posted.


Linda99 - December 20

Hey girls, I also had some techincal difficulties the last two days so I haven't been able to respond. It is day 30 since the mc. I took a few $1 store tests and they were BFN but I am still a little hopeful. I am peeing quite often again and this was one symptom that I had very early in my last pregnancy. I will hold out hope until I get af, but I won't be crushed if she does show - at least I'll have a clearer view of ovulation after I get her. I have been having some different types of pain (similar to what I had last time, brief stabbing pains). Of course I'm trying to convince myself it's just gas!!! Paula, hang in there buddy - 19 days of raised temps is a good sign!! Rainey - glad you're feeling better! Dee, everything ok? Are you hanging in there? I'm going to start a new thread look for our usual heading... Celia, Harmony, Paula, Dee and Rainey... over here!!



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