Cervical Fluid Doubt

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N - March 24

Hi. This is my doubt. i have very regular cycles of 28 days. i am 7 dpo and i hava very less cervical fluid but my temp. are above 98 F. Does less cervical fluid means i will be unsuccessful this time also. i am try from past 5 mnths. somebody pls help.


layla - March 24

Same ? for me. My cm is gone is this a definate sign of neg pregnancy?


N - March 24

Hey check this site. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/HelpCenter/FFBook/ff_hormones_and_signs.html


N - March 24

take out the last dash after html. sorry


?? - March 24

anybody there...help please


jo - March 24



jo - March 24

i would like to know too


emily - March 24

Yeah me too.!


to: N - March 24

The quality and quant_ty of cm is not always an indicator of whether or not you are pg. Personally, I have lots of cm late in my cycles and have not been pregnant. : (. I think temps are a better sign. hope this helps.


Erin - March 24

I have read that after you ovulate your cm should dry up pretty fast. It's generally (but not always) the case that you do not begin to have excessive discharge until several weeks later. So I wouldn't try to read cm as a sign of being pregnant or not. Just wait and take a test when you are late. Hope this helps! :-)


mulgajill - March 25

Agree with Erin... if there is creamy cm as a sign of pregnancy it wouldn't start until after implantation when the hormones start to kick in (5-10 days after ovulation).... also i have read heaps about the importance of that eggwhite cm at ovulation time... well i have NEVER had it, and been pregnant a few times and had two kids... so like all these things there can be huge variations in each individual... :-)


Annie - March 25

Thanks you Erin and Mulgajill. Now i have some hope. i am 8 dpo and my temps are still raising. almost no CM. As you said, i will concentrate on temperatures now. I haven't yet got any big Implantation Dip. Thanks and lots of Baby dust.



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